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Create a Wish List

Creating your Own Wish List is Easy!

You can use this feature to save and organize the flowers you need for your events.

1 - Find the Flowers You want

You can do this by browsing All Flowers, by Flower Color, or by Searching!
Get Inspired - You can also find flowers by looking through our DIY Stories

2 - On the Product's page you will see a Link to the Wish List - "Add to Wish List"

Add to Wish List

Click on the link to add the item to your wish list. You will need an account to maintain a wish list.

3 - Anytime you want to visit your wish list you can come to FiftyFlowers.com, and log in to your account. We will save it for you indefinitely!

4 - When you are ready to purchase, you will have to click to each Product's detail page from your Wish List. You will need to enter the purchasing details, such as Quantity and Delivery Date.

To provide feedback about this feature, please email marketing@fiftyflowers.com

Have a wonderful Event,
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