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Event Day Guarantee

Complete Customer Care & Event Day Guarantee!TM

The possibility of a problem is unlikely - FiftyFlowers ships out over 500 boxes of flowers weekly with few problems reported, less than 1% of orders! 

However we want your event day to be perfect, therefore we are in constant contact with you before and after your flower order. Some of the activities we perform on your behalf include;

  • We can help you choose the right blend of fresh flowers
  • We will help you place your online fresh flower order
  • We will personally call you to verify your flower order to ensure that you have coordinated the details properly.
  • We will personally call you upon delivery of your flowers to make certain that you have received them.

Your order is carefully attended by a team of professionals to guarantee the timely delivery of the fresh flowers you expect to receive.


The Event Day GuaranteeTMincludes the following Terms and Conditions.

** IMPORTANT NOTE - in order for this special Event Day Guarantee to be effective, we must have pictures within 24 hours of receiving the flowers. This condition is a mandatory part of the agreement.

** FLOWER CARE NOTICE - upon receiving the flower boxes, the flower stems must be trimmed and put in fresh water. Some flowers look sleepy and thirsty upon arrival, but will perk up naturally within 2 to 12 hours.

** SUGGESTED DELIVERY DAYS - To qualify for this guarantee, you must agree to our delivery date suggestions. After placing your order, the customer service team will contact you by phone and email to let you know of the requested change, if the change is not approved, then that portion of your order will no longer qualify for the quality guarantee. For example, we may suggest Thursday instead of Friday to allow more time for the flowers to bloom. 


  • In case of bad flowers or damaged flowers, FiftyFlowers will re-ship the flowers at no extra cost to you, or fully refund your money for the Box - You Choose!

    In the rare case that you receive bad flowers or damaged flowers, FiftyFlowers will have fresh flowers re-shipped at no additional cost to you, if there is time for re-shipping before your event. If the flowers are not available, FiftyFlowers will fully refund the cost of the box of flowers.

    This does not include flowers that need to be stem cut and hydrated for 2 hours, or up to 12 hours. This does not include minor imperfections such as small spots, streaks, or slight color variations.

  • This guarantee also applies to wrong flower colors.

    For example, if you order Cream Roses, and FiftyFlowers ships you Red Roses, we attempt to replace the flowers via overnight express shipping, if there is time before your event, or fully refund your costs.

    *This does not include White Roses that don't appear to be as White as expected. We do not guarantee color tone matches. Flowers are a natural product and vary in color from season to season.

We offer Substitutions of similar flowers, or similar colors. If you are not happy with the options we present then you can simply ask for a refund.


  • Substitution Super Solution - We find similar flowers or colors for your event.

    If the flowers you ordered are not available due to poor climate, or other natural causes, FiftyFlowers will call several days before your event to offer a Substitution flower.

We offer this comprehensive guarantee, because we do care about your special day, and special events. FiftyFlowers has the track record of thousands of orders to know that our flowers are premium quality.

What's not Included in our Event Day Guarantee

  • Chosen Colors not to your liking. (If you have a very specific color palette, fresh flowers are hard to match exactly)
  • Flowers are smaller or larger than expected, for example if you expected gerbera daisies to be 4" in size, but they are 3" in size.
  • Unfortunate delays due to the acts of mother nature, which are rare, and usually foreseen by several days, in which case we call you to discuss the options.
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