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Lilies as your wedding flowers are an elegant and classic choice. Lilies are flowers with large blooms and several varieties will feature a heady, intoxicating scent. A much sought after wedding flower, Lilies are chosen for their luxurious appearance in addition to their smell. Cultivated for over 3,000 years, Lilies are said to possess mythical properties and symbolize purity and refined beauty. We offer the following types of lilies for your special event:

Asiatic Lilies are luxurious blooms that are perfect for someone who loves the look of Lilies but want less of a scent; Asiatic Lilies feature only a subtle smell. Available in a range of colors, these flowers have funnel shaped blooms that face upward from the stem in an average size of 5" to 7" and feature slightly pointed petals. Known for their sturdy stems and long vase life, these blooms are simply stunning.

LA Hybrid Lilies are a cross between Asiatic Lilies and classic Easter Lilies. Bred to have minimal fragrance and a large head size, these blooms face outward from the center in a funnel shape and range between 5" to 7" across. Recurved, slightly rounded petals reveal the beauty of this flower and make it seem magical.

Oriental Lilies are beautiful blooms that will keep your entire event smelling wonderful! Highly scented with large petals, each flower is an average of 6" to 8" when fully bloomed. Trumpet shaped and elegant, Oriental Lilies are the classic lily flower and are absolutely exquisite.

Trumpet Lilies are a type of Oriental Lily that are just as large and luxurious. However, these trumpet shaped blooms face nearly 90 degrees outward from the center to give it a slightly different appearance.

Gloriosa Lilies are a unique form of the lily and has a beautiful, mystical shape. Slim, wavy petals turn backwards to tilt opposite the center of the bloom. Gorgeous and one of a kind, everyone will have to know what type of the flower this is.

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