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Hydrangea Flowers are fluffy, round shaped flowers that are comprised of smaller, four point blooms that cluster together to create one larger shape. Beautiful with a romantic garden look, it only takes a few stems of hydrangea to create a stunning arrangement that you can mix and match with any other flower! Originating in Eastern Asia, hydrangea have long been been appreciated for their healing properties and beautiful shape. Featured in a number of different sizes and colors, Hydrangea symbolizes earnestness, perseverance, thanks and conveys true, heartfelt emotion. •Baby Hydrangea is the smallest variety of this flower and will range from 3.5" to 5.5". Considered miniature, this flower is fluffy without being overwhelming and is versatile enough to use as a focal flower or a filler flower. •Select Hydrangea are standard sized mid range hydrangea. Featuring blooms between 4" and 6", these flowers are the perfect in between size for any event! Classically garden themed flowers, these blooms are lush are stunning. •Jumbo Hydrangea is the largest of the Hydrangea flower and will range from 7" to 10". Extremely large and very beautiful, you can use single stems of these blooms for an arrangement or bunch them together for an over the top garden look. •Spray Tinted Hydrangea uses a white Select Hydrangea as the base flower and is spray tinted by our post harvest team using a special flower pain. •Intravenously Tinted Hydrangea uses a white Select Hydrangea as the base flower which then has the bottom of the stem placed into concentrated dyed water. This allows the flower stem to “drink up” the colored water tinting the bloom to the desired color.
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