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Lemon Cupcake Vase

Lemon Cupcake Vases are sweet, simple, and will make arranging a breeze. Available in 8 colors, these eco-friendly vases are reusable and made of recyclable material! Position your blooms in the 11 nestled spots on the top of the cupcake for a perfectly rounded pocket of posies in just minutes. This petite vase can be a centerpiece, an accent piece, or a gift for any occasion! Make a BIG statement with endless flower combinations featuring our cupcake vases and make the day a little bit sweeter.  

Retail Price: $120.00 Your Price: $94.50

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Seasonal availability: Year Around

  • Our Cupcake Vases are a reusable tool for do-it-yourself brides and planners.
  • Vases are available year round and in 8 color options.
  • Vases are four inches tall by four inches in diameter.
  • Vases are a quick and easy to decorate product. They have eleven placement holes at three different elevations automatically creating a rounded posy or centerpiece.
  • Vases are made from a special material that is free of phthalates, BPA, lead, latex and bisphenol-a. It is highly durable yet flexible and recyclable.
  • Ideal stem length for the vases is between 1.75” – 3.5”. Short-stemmed flowers will last longer with less water.
  • Almost all flowers work well with cupcake vases from professional florist flowers to garden and wild flowers. The placement holes receive flowers with stems .25” (7mm) or smaller.
  • Examples of smaller stem width flowers that typically can be used as arrangement options for cupcake vases are: spray roses and some standard or sweetheart roses, carnations, hypericum berries, mums, ranunculus, daisies, stock, snapdragon, billy balls, peruvian lilies, sweet peas, freesia, babies breath and various greens.

This product does NOT contain fresh cut flowers. Simply receive the Cupcake Vases and keep them on hand until you're ready to start arranging! Below are some tips on using our vases to create professional looking floral arrangements in minutes.

1. The top of your vase opens similar to a coin purse. Squeeze the sides towards each other to open the slot on top and add water to your vase.

2. With 11 small holes at varied elevations of the top of the cupcake, you can arrange any type or size of flower in the combination you prefer as long as are cut to the correct height and the stem width fits into the specific arranger slots.

3. After use, again squeeze together the sides of the cupcake to empty the remaining water. This opening is large enough to fit a wash cloth or finger into the vase to clean it with warm soapy water.

4. Reuse, enjoy, and share the joy of flowers with your friends and family!


Your Cupcake Vases are non perishable products and can be delivered anytime prior to receiving your flowers. For your Vases, we recommend selecting a delivery date a least a week before your event or wedding. Your flower arrangers will arrive by the day you select on the calendar, but could arrive prior to this date! Please take this into consideration when choosing your delivery date.

  • Shipping is $9.99 per pack.
  • Vases are shipped with FedEx or USPS.
  • Once your Vases are shipped, you will receive a confirmation email.
  • For an extra $45, we can arrange shipments to Hawaii, Alaska, and 30% to Canada. The additional charge will be added during checkout.
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