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10 Most Beautiful Ways to Use Flowers at Your Wedding

written by Guest Post May 23, 2018

Have you dreamt of a breathtakingly whimsical wedding? Indeed, you must have and we must tell you that there is nothing better than stunning colorful flowers to make it happen. Necessary for wedding centerpieces, bouquets and arches, flowers have the power to take your wedding theme, planning and aesthetics a notch higher. Although there are various popular ideas to use flowers in the wedding, we have listed down some super innovative ideas to use flowers for your wedding!

Give any shape with flowers


Recently florists have started a new trend of arranging flowers in such a way that they take the shape of some animal or thing. With this innovative idea in place, you can create things that depict your love story or things that are associated with your romantic life.

Add a little more with a floral wedding invite


To match up the concept of using flowers in the wedding, floral wedding invites are the best. However, to make it even more interesting, you can either add a beautiful rose or a cute little bouquet to your wedding invite. This would bring an instant smile to your guest’s face.

Welcome your guest with a bunch of flowers


Bring a smile to your wedding guest’s face by welcoming them with a bunch of flowers. This idea will help you and your relatives to communicate with the guests and hence, it would make them feel comfortable in your wedding to enjoy.

Add some freshness with drinks


The aroma of fresh flowers is really awesome and this could help you to make some amazing mocktails for your wedding just like rose mocktail, jasmine mocktail and more. With a right chef in place, it is absolutely possible and this idea would be loved by everyone. You can also use your favorite flower to add some magic to your signature cocktail by using it as a garnishing ingredient.

Perfect crockery for the perfect table


Using real flowers is okay and finding floral invites during online wedding invitations shopping is great but, the unique idea to have flowers in your wedding would include the idea of using floral printed crockery for your wedding reception. Being a unique idea to use flowers in the wedding, it would be appreciated by everyone.

Go crazy with floral table runner


Instead of using usually table runners like everyone else, you can be a little creative with your table runner and create a unique table runner using lots and varied flowers. This would look great and it would also substitute the need to table centerpieces.

Make it more whimsical with floral draperies


Decorating your wedding venue with draperies is a trend as it can make your wedding venue look amazing and to make it more whimsical, you can create floral draperies and decorate your wedding venue with these. Trust us; everyone would fall in love with this idea.

Jazz up your venue with floral chandeliers


All the major event and wedding planners across the globe have started a new trend of creating beautiful floral chandeliers which unlike, the usual chandeliers do not give light but, still has the capacity to enhance the beauty of your wedding venue. You can place such stunning floral chandeliers in your wedding venue and assure a unique grace for your wedding.

Floral backdrop for your photos


The trend of photo booth and video booth for a wedding has become very popular in recent decades and to make it amazing and idea for your floral wedding, you can create a floral backdrop of your photo booth and video booth. Using flowers as your photo props will add more glamour to your pictures.

Unique wedding favors for your guest


The most amazing way to use flowers for your wedding is to give cute little flower plants to your wedding guests as wedding favors. This would remind them of your stunning wedding for a very long time.

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