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DIY Wreath Decoration Tutorial

written by Thalia January 10, 2017
FiftyFlowers - DIY Wreath Decoration

Fresh wreaths are a quick and super easy way to decorate anything from a door to a chair back to an archway or just about anywhere else that needs a bit of extra decoration. Though they are all ready to go right out of the box, you can easily add in some floral accents to tie the wreath into the rest of your event decor. If you are interested on how to spice up a wreath then keep on scrolling!

You Will Need:


  • Begin by cutting the stems diagonally with the shears. Make sure you cut the stems short enough to fit in the water tubes!
  • Fill each water tube with fresh water and then tightly secure the rubber lid onto the tube.
  • Carefully insert the end of the stem into the top of the cap, ensuring that the end of the stem is fully submerged in the water.

Once all of the flowers are in water tubes you can begin your floral design! The water tubes can easily be tucked into the wreath and because they’re translucent it’s easy to keep an eye on the water level. They’re perfect for making sure your floral decoration stays hydrated and fresh.


Start with your wreath, removing any twigs or leaves that are loose or out of place.

FiftyFlowers - DIY Wreath Decoration


Trim down a few of your focal flowers (we used Blushing Akito Pink Roses) to find the ideal stem length for tucking into the wreath. Start to space out the larger flowers equally.

FiftyFlowers - DIY Wreath Decoration

FiftyFlowers - DIY Wreath Decoration


Then, start to work in a smaller filler in between the focal flowers you chose, we used Wispy Lavender Gomphrena! We tried out a couple different styles–in clusters and more evenly spaced.

FiftyFlowers - DIY Wreath Decoration

FiftyFlowers - DIY Wreath Decoration


For a multi-textured, modern look, you can use the same Wispy Lavender Gomphrena, along with Hint of Blue Thistle, Sage Green Thistle, and Supernova Thistle. Thistle is very hardy and dries nicely, so for this look you could choose to only place the stems of Gomphrena into water tubes if you so desire.

FiftyFlowers - DIY Wreath Decoration


For more wreath inspiration check out our Fresh Ideas for Wreaths blog post, and our Wild About Wreaths Pinterest board.


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