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2015 Wedding Flower Trend: Majestic

written by Marina Strong January 13, 2015
Majestic - 2015 Wedding Flower Trend

We have come to the last of the 2015 wedding flower trends as release by the International Floral Distributers, but don’t worry, there will still be many more wedding inspirations, bouquet ideas and DIY projects to come in 2015! To recap, we have covered the trends of soft and unstructured Modern Garden, bold and bright Kaleidoscope and refined and formal Lapis Luxury… and last, but certainly not least, is the predicted trend of… regal and romantic Majestic!

Majestic is one of the predicted trends released by the International Floral Distributers, a leading authority on all things flowers!

The regal and romantic couple will find the Majestic theme, rich in the shades of violet and purple, to be magical and amorous. A polished aesthetic and sheer romantic style that combines the natural brilliance of the luster of gold with orchids, roses and carnations in deep plums, bright violets and lavenders.

Majestic - 2015 Wedding Flower Trend

Majestic – 2015 Wedding Flower Trend

{Sources – Left to Right, Top to Bottom – Bridesmaids in Purple, Shades of Purple Bridal Bouquet, Dark Pink Cherry Vanda Orchids, Thistle Pink Clematis, Violet Stock FlowerFairytale Bride and GroomPurple and Gold InvitationPinky Purple Table ArrangementPurple and Gold Wedding Cake, Mixed Purple Moon Series CarnationsPink Purple and Gold Centerpieces}


Regal and Romantic, Magical and… Majestic! From light lavenders to rich royals, Purple is always a hot wedding color, so I think this trend will definitely be seen in 2015! What do you think about the Majestic trend? Tell us in the comments below!