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2016 Wedding Trends

written by Katie Schlossberg January 1, 2016

As we ring in 2016, at FiftyFlowers we’re already looking ahead to the upcoming wedding trends for the new year! And let me tell ya, it seems like it’s going to be a beautiful year. Some of these looks were already showing up on style and wedding blogs in 2015, but I suspect we’ll be seeing a lot more of them in the coming year.

One element that seems to be weaving its way into almost every facet of weddings is warm-hued metallics. Touches of glowy gold and copper can be found in table decor, wedding cakes, and of course bridal accessories. One such metallic, however, seems to be reigning supreme: rose gold. No surprise there, considering how well this delicate feminine tone complements classic wedding shades like ivory, champagne, and blush. Everything from invitations to engagement rings take on a new level of luxury in rose gold. Here’s a little inspiration for how to give your big day the Midas touch:


FiftyFlowers 2016 Metallics

From top left: Rose Gold Wedding Cake, Gold Glitter Pumps, Copper Lantern Centerpiece, Mixed Metallics Tablescape,
Gilded Hair Accessory, Rose Gold Engagement Ring, Gold Mason Jar Vase, Rose Gold Table Setting, Gold Glitter Table Marker


Another theme we’ve seen popping up more and more (and expect will endure through the new year) is travel- or exploration-inspired touches throughout couples’ big days. This can really help add a personalized touch to the event if, for example, you met abroad and choose to highlight the city that brought you together. Or if you endured a stretch of the dreaded long distance relationship, pay homage to the places where you spent some time apart. Or some couples decide to just feature their general wanderlust with adventure-related aspects spread throughout the wedding. This could take the form of upcycled atlas confetti, a signable guest globe (a twist on the standard guestbook), or even lining your bridal shoes with a map of your hometown! Take a peek at some of these clever ideas:


Travel Themed Wedding Inspiration from FIftyFlowers

Starting in upper row: Airplane and Compass Party Favors, Travel-Inspired Invitations, Atlas Confetti,
Guest GlobeMap-Covered Letters, Map-Lined Bridal Shoes


When it comes to desserts, it seems like more and more couples are gravitating towards a “less is more,” down home approach. The popularity of immaculately smooth fondant covered wedding cakes appears to be waning in favor of more natural-looking textured buttercream icing–with some choosing to forego frosting altogether! “Naked” cakes (which are minimally frosted, if at all) are rapidly gaining popularity at ever-trendy rustic themed weddings. These look particularly charming when adorned with a smattering of fresh flowers or fruit. Darling and delicious!


2016 Wedding Cakes - FiftyFlowers

From top left: Single Tier with Figs, Pink Ombré ButtercreamWhite Buttercream with Flowers,
White Naked Cake with Flowers (a FiftyFlowers bride!), Naked Cake with Jam, Naked Strawberry Shortcake


Last, but obviously not least, let’s talk flowers. There are two trends in particular that I’ll highlight here, but stay tuned to the blog as we’ll be discussing more as they emerge! The first is the fast-growing trend of including edible items into your arrangements. Whether it’s as wild as adding a pear into your bridal bouquet, or a little tamer with some fresh herbs in your centerpieces, it’s a craze that can work its way into just about any event. The second is a tried-and-true look that seems to have some staying power in wedding florals–the “wildflower” look. While certainly not new to the scene, the “fresh picked” look can take on new life through unexpected color schemes, varying heights, and playing with textures. Here are some examples to get your creativity blooming:



From top left: Pomegranate and Rose Centerpiece, Bridal Bouquet with Green Apple,
Bridal Bouquet with Pear & Pumpkin (a FiftyFlowers bride!), Centerpiece with Artichoke & Draping Hops,
Mason Jar Wildflower Arrangement, Bridesmaid Bouquet with Blackberries,
Boho Woodland Bridal Party (another FiftyFlowers bride!), Wildflower & Candle Centerpiece (and another FiftyFlowers bride!)


What do you think? Will you be partaking in any of these trends? Let us know below!


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I love your work and your stylish posts would like to connect!

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