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2017 Wedding Flower Trend: Force of Nature

written by Katie February 3, 2017

If you’re planning a 2017 wedding and are looking to capture an “earthy” feel, that descriptor has taken on a much broader definition! The floral trend we’re focusing on today is appropriately called Force of Nature, which ties in elements of sky and sea and blends them with what you might think of as more traditionally eco-chic (lush, textural greenery, succulents, maybe some branches or bark incorporated).

In terms of color palette, draw from nature for your inspiration. Think a wide open sky, a misty forest, crashing waves, rolling green hills. Colors like turquoise, ocean blue, emerald and sage green, rich navy blue, and deep hunter green. Go bold by combining emerald green with bold turquoise, or stick with a more subdued scheme by pairing a neutral color, like dove gray, ivory, or taupe, with serene sage and a soft blue.

From the International Floral Distributors’ write-up on the trend: “Force of nature invokes serene shades of blue and green, harmonious connecting man and nature. One cannot escape force of nature’s free and casual nautical themes overflowing with garden wonders.”

Now let’s take a closer look at how to achieve this look!

2017 Floral Trend - Forces of Nature

2017 Floral Trend – Forces of Nature

Sources: All-green bouquet, Centerpiece with leaves and Garden Roses, Blue & green centerpiece in metal bucket, Boutonniere with Thistle and Ranunculus, Veronica and Hyacinth bouquet, Boutonnieres with Thistle and Wax Flower, Hydrangea & Rose centerpiece, Blue glass centerpiece with Queen Anne’s Lace, Bouquet with Dusty Miller and Wheat, Mixed white bud vase arrangements.

Products row: Aquamarine Airbrushed Spider Mum, Blue Cornflower, Harrissii Air Plant, Ionantha Mexican Air Plant, Grape Hyacinth Muscari Blue, Sea Glass Blue Hydrangea.


Stay tuned for the other featured floral trends of 2017!

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