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2017 Wedding Trend: Geometric Terrariums

written by Thalia July 20, 2017

Succulents have become so trendy this year and so has terrariums. There are so many fun and unique tutorials on how to make your own! One of this year’s wedding trend is all-things geometric, specifically geometric terrariums. These sleek terrariums come in all different shapes like round, diamond, teardrop, triangular and more.  The metal frames also come in different colors too. (Gold is my favorite!) They’re perfect for any type of special occasion. Whether it is a boho, modern, or woodland theme its versatility makes it easy to fit in. Geo terrariums can be used for many different things, centerpieces being the most popular. Not only do they make a captivating centerpiece but they also look great as an accent too. Spruce up your decor by using them as your table number holders or perhaps as your ceremony backdrop.  Set the mood by adding a candle or LED lights in your terrarium. Flowers, air plants and of course, succulents also make the perfect addition to these glass-enclosed arrangements. One of the perks of using these in your wedding is that they make perfect wedding favors. Scroll through the photos below for some geometric inspiration!

FiftyFlowers-Geo-Terrariums-InspoSources: Table one card holder, Gold table number, Hanging geo terrarium backdrop, Gold-infused decor, Mauve tablescapeDahlia isle decor, Garland and geo terrarium table runner, Place setting decor, Trio centerpiece, Air plant and spray roses centerpiece,  Baby shower gift favor.

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Janice July 23, 2017 at 5:20 pm

Love the small terrariums for wedding centerpieces. Have looked online, can’t find the bright copper ones. Please share the source for the small copper terrariums and metal frames. Thank you!


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