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3 Ideas of Perfect Wedding Table Settings

written by Guest Post September 26, 2017
Into The Woods Tablescape Idea

The traditional weddings feature cakes, vows, and toasts, but who says your wedding needs to be a traditional one? A wedding is everything a woman dreams of since she was little, everything the groom dreams of since he met her. Therefore, the most important thing when planning your wedding ceremony is picking a setting that is perfect for your taste and style. Of course, you can always hire a wedding planner for the decorations and a writing service like Aussiewritings for your vows, but the wedding is your personal promise to the one man or woman you love. Therefore, when you have your tables set, they must scream ‘just perfect’ in the eyes of you and your partner. To help you out and give you some ideas, I chose the three most interesting table settings I found:

1.   The ‘Love’ Table Setting

This is the perfect choice for all romantic souls out there – tables that demonstrate love everywhere. In addition to the flowers and their romantic effect, such tables include small notes and writings about love, some love quotes, many hearts and of course, candles.

love tablescape idea

If you have a beautiful love story that will touch the heart of everyone who hears it, this is the perfect wedding for you. With a lovely speech where you speak of your love and share your amazing story with the people you love, this will make for the best wedding atmosphere there is.

Love Tablescape Idea 2

You will probably opt for this choice if both your partner and you enjoy romantic gestures. As such, your engagement story is probably an amazing one, too. Why not share it with people sitting on your love-themed tables? The ‘Love’ table setting is the perfect choice for a romantic couple.

2.   ‘Into the Woods’ Table Setting

Are you an adventurous couple? Do you enjoy traveling, hiking, and visiting the marvels of nature? Do something different and create a table setting that represents your biggest passions. The ‘into the woods’ table settings is a pretty good example of a passionate theme.

Into The Woods Tablescape Idea

Instead of the traditional romantic flowers and hearts, you can go with bits of nature. Spread some leafs on the tables, go for a green and brown theme, add some pine cones attached to the name of the guest.

Into The Woods Tablescape Idea 2

There is no limit here. Just use your imagination and add some ‘rustic wood-themed’ details to your tables. If you are not really the romantic type and want to do something different, this is one great idea to consider.

3.   ‘On the Beach’ Table Setting

Unlike what many think when they hear of this idea, you don’t actually need to be on the beach to use this theme! Of course, being on the beach makes it all more effective, but you can bring the beach to your wedding even if you cannot bring the wedding there!

Beach Tablescape

If you are both summer and beach fans or always dreamed of a wedding on a beach, push aside the traditional wedding styles and get yourselves a small beach wedding. Add some flowers on the table, get an amazing centerpiece, use white cloths for best effect, set the chairs as you see only in the movies. It is your big day, so it is your time to be picky!

Beach Tablescape Idea 2

You can even go further and add some seashells on the table. Purchase some fake sea stars and seahorses, add some ocean-themed details to the tables. If you are the bride, you can even add these to your hair and create the entire beach experience. Your guests will surely enjoy this. Who doesn’t like the beach?

As you can see, you can go from the traditional wedding to one you create on your own. This is your day, which means it is your time to shine! Do not be afraid of change, and make this day your own, unique and perfect wedding day!

Olivia is an incurable optimist who always sees the glass as half-full. She likes nature, knows how to enjoy silence and is keen on writing for different websites as well as for AussieWritings.com. Meet her on Facebook and Twitter.

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