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5 Things To Do Before Meeting with Wedding Vendors!

written by Thalia Basulto April 19, 2017
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You’re newly engaged (congratulations!), excited and probably eager to get the ball rolling. It’s important to enjoy the wedding planning process, including meeting and booking your wedding vendors! So, in order to make the planning process a little easier, I listed 5 tips every bride-to-be should do before meeting with vendors. I hope this helps!

  1. Do your research! You can find a lot of information online and on wedding apps, so research the vendors you’re interested in before scheduling a consultation. This will help weed out the vendors who don’t fit your needs and it will save you time! Spend some time researching your wedding flowers too! At FiftyFlowers, we have over 3,000 flower options to browse through. You can search by flower, color and price. Start by choosing your color palette and then research which flowers will be in season – this will help make the search a little easier.
  2. Write down your questions. With so much to think about, it’s best to write them down so you don’t forget! For example, how far in advance can I book this venue out, what are my catering options, or what should I expect if I order my flowers online? At FiftyFlowers, we have an in-house flower design expert, Violet, who has years of experience and is ready to answer your wedding flower questions. So ask away!
  3. Collect inspiration! Sometimes it’s hard to describe a look you’re going for so pictures can help with that! Save a couple of photos on your phone or create a Pinterest board. We encourage our customers to share their wedding inspiration photos with us through our chat platform or email. This really helps us understand the look/style you’re going for and it will help your other vendors as well.
  4. Take notes! Chances are you’ll be visiting a ton of websites and meeting with more than one vendor, so it’s best to collect your thoughts. For example, note the color palette of a venue you toured, their payment structure, your back-up flower list, how to prepare for the floral arrival. These notes can spark your memory and will help you in your final decisions.
  5. And lastly, make sure you stay on top of the deadlines! This goes back to the taking notes part – make sure you write down important dates. Time flies when you’re having fun planning 😉  so don’t miss out on a securing a vendor because you waited too long. At FiftyFlowers, we encourage our brides-to-be to order at least 3 weeks in advance, and some order up to a year in advance. This allows you to reserve the flowers you want for your selected delivery dates.

WeddingWire designed a helpful step-by-step timeline on when to book your vendors to make it a little easier for you! Whether you’re planning for venues in major cities like New York or Los Angeles or you have your heart set on a simple backyard ceremony, the timeline will help make sure you meet every vendor deadline. Check it out:


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