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5 Things You Should Know Before Ordering Wholesale Flowers

written by Thalia Basulto November 29, 2017


 So you decided to DIY your wedding flowers? That’s great! FiftyFlowers provides wholesale flowers delivered fresh and direct from the farm to your doorstep. With a wide range of various floral options, you’re bound to find the perfect flowers that will fit your needs. But before you dive into the endeavor, here are 5 things you should know before ordering wholesale flowers…

1. Wholesale Flowers Packaging 

Each flower has its own custom packaging to ensure they’re not damaged during transit and they’re cut before they’re fully bloomed. For example, some may come with a protective plastic sleeve or a cardboard sleeve and others may have a special net around the blooms. Most of our flowers are “dry” shipped, which means they are shipped without water. Though there are a few varieties that are shipped with water tubes/small bags to keep the flowers hydrated during their transit time. Rest assured, if the flowers arrive without a water source, our flowers and greenery are pre-treated!

2. Fresh Out of The Box

An important detail to keep in mind is that our website photos show “event day ready” flowers that have been hydrated and processed. Upon arrival, the fresh flowers will appear “sleepy” and will need time to hydrate. You’ll be amazed on how well they perk up after a few hours of hydration! The flowers will also need a little TLC, since they arrive in their “rawest” form, meaning that they will need a fresh trim on the stems, excess foliage and sometimes unattractive outer “guard” petals (which help protect the delicate inner petals during transit) will need to be removed. Keep in mind these are fresh flowers and may have imperfections and variations. You can find our detailed care instructions for each flower type under the “flower care” tab. (Check out how we care for our roses here!)

3. Preparation is Key


Preparation and organization will eliminate stress (trust me!). If you’re going to order wholesale flowers, it’s important to have your floral supplies on hand. If you haven’t checked out our floral supplies section then I highly recommend doing so! Our DIY Supply Kits are a total lifesaver when it comes to processing flowers. Don’t forget your 5-gallon buckets too. You can find them at your local Home Depot or Lowes.

4. DIYing Your Flowers Requires Work


So don’t do it alone! DIYing your flowers can be easy on the budget, but processing and arranging your flowers will take some work. Make sure to plan in advance and set up a game plan before your flowers are delivered. It’s also important to do your research and use the tools we have on our blog, YouTube channel and on our website. Arranging your flowers can be a lot of fun especially when you recruit your family members and friends to help.

5. Storing Your Flowers

Remember when I said the flowers are cut and shipped before they are fully bloomed? Well, this means they will need to be delivered 2-4 days before the event date. Each flower has a suggested delivery date based on your event date, for example, Standard Roses you’ll want to have delivered 3 days before your event, which is listed on each product’s page. Although floral coolers keep fresh cut flowers fresh and can help maintain their appearance, they’re not necessary. We recommend storing your flowers in a dark, cool environment.

Need help planning the wedding flowers of your dreams? Let us help! Call us at 1-877-507-6737 or use our LiveChat feature on FiftyFlowers.com. To set up a free flower consultation, click here!

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