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6 Clever Ways to Cut Costs While Wedding Planning

written by Guest Post January 12, 2017
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Creating a wedding budget you can stick to is one of the first and most important steps in your journey to the altar. Couples often spend thousands of dollars to celebrate the big event — in 2015 the average cost of a wedding was $32,641, according to The Knot 2015 Real Weddings Study. Many couples (or sometimes their parents) take out a wedding loan to cover this cost, causing interest rates and fees to drive the final cost of the wedding up further. On your special day, the last thing you want to worry about is the hefty cost of your celebration with family and friends.

By making some smart money moves early on, it’s possible to host a budget-friendly wedding without sacrificing the details that are truly important to you. Consider these cost-cutting tips when planning for your wedding so you can get married without breaking the bank.


  1. Avoid Peak Wedding Season

Peak wedding season depends on the climate of the region. In general, June, August, September and October tend to be the most popular months to exchange vows. Winter months from January to March are some of the less popular months, a time when many vendors and venues have lower prices. Couples also have the power to negotiate lower prices because wedding dates and services aren’t in high demand during the chilly winter season.

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  1. Don’t Choose Bare Bones Wedding Venues

While the initial price of a venue-only rental seems more attractive than that of an all-inclusive wedding venue, it’s important to take a closer look at the details. The separate rental costs of decorations, tables, chairs, and other items necessary for a DIY wedding can quickly add up. A venue that includes all of these items in the rental price often ends up being a much better deal.


  1. Get Creative with Food Choices

Depending on the number of guests who attend the reception, the cost for food can be one of the greatest wedding expenses. According to The Knot’s study, couples spent an average of $68 per person for catering. You can cut food costs dramatically by thinking outside the box and not limiting choices to the traditional chicken or fish. Casual foods, like pizza and burgers, are becoming popular and come with much lower price tags. Likewise, having food catered by a favorite restaurant or food truck increases options while reducing the expense.

Couples who don’t want to stray so far from the norm can opt to have food served buffet-style rather than as a sit-down meal. This decreases the number of servers needed and lowers the price per head.


  1. Use Your Friends’ Talents

If you have friends who are talented photographers or cinematographers, or are musicians or chefs, consider integrating their skills into your big day. Many times friends offer to help out, and taking them up on their offer can work in lieu of a wedding gift. Additionally, your friends have insight into your personality to help give your wedding a special touch. Just remember, it’s important to compensate friends fairly and avoid taking advantage of their goodwill.


  1. Explore Payment Options

Paying for a wedding with credit can be a risky move. No one wants to start a marriage with major debt from a single day. But, if you have a plan to pay it off, you may be able to benefit from using credit to pay for your wedding. In fact, if you have a good credit score and credit history, you may be able to qualify for a card that gives you cash back for your spending or offers a 0% APR (meaning you won’t add interest charges while you work on paying off the charges). Just make sure you read the fine print, as these no-interest times tend to come with expiration dates and you’ll want to pay your card off before that introductory period ends. Otherwise, your charges will be hit with major interest fees, which reduces the productivity of paying for the big day with your plastic.


  1. Shop for an Artisan-Made Wedding Bands

The Knot’s study also found that couples spent an average of $5,871 on an engagement ring. A lot of people still follow the old advice of spending two months’ salary on an engagement ring, but this isn’t a requirement of any kind. After all, the significance of the ring is much more important than its price tag! If you can do without the Tiffany stone and band, consider looking at unique, handmade rings at local craft fairs and online marketplaces. And remember, you wouldn’t be alone in doing something like this: Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis purchased artisan wedding bands on Etsy for less than $200, according to Vanity Fair.main-mila-kunis{Source}

With a bit of creativity, flexibility and planning, it’s possible to cut costs while still putting together the wedding of your dreams!


Maya Deleon is a freelance writer and editor for Credit.com based on the coast of North Carolina. She specializes in blogs and articles on business, e-commerce, and lifestyle topics. When she’s not behind her computer, she has her nose in a book and her toes in the sand.

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Amanda Drew October 18, 2017 at 6:50 pm

I like how you say that you can have a lot of options that aren’t that expensive with food trucks for your wedding. My fiance and I love to go to food truck rallies to get dinner, so we really like them anyway. We’ve started to go a little over budget with our wedding plans, so it would be great to find a way to save a little cash. Thanks for the suggestion, now we’ll just find a food truck we can hire.


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