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6 Wedding Trends Millennials Can’t Get Enough Of

written by Lynn Lewis February 8, 2018

For those born in the 1980s and early 1990s, a wedding isn’t just a celebration, it’s an opportunity for people to express their creativity, as well as to celebrate the momentous occasion. Millennials (children of the Baby Boomer generation) are now in their 20s and 30s, and they’ve come up with some pretty unique ways to personalize the process of getting hitched — from build-your-own engagement rings to food truck wedding receptions and lawn games. Here are six of the wedding trends that Millennials simply can’t get enough of…

1. Unique Engagement Rings


For Millennials, buying an engagement ring isn’t as straightforward as searching for a plain band with a large diamond. Today, we’ve got stacking bands, twisted bands, double-shanked bands, multi-stone rings and bridal sets. Rose gold is a popular option as far as metals go, and some brides-to-be are going for colored diamonds and other gems to celebrate their impending nuptials. You can even build your own unique engagement ring, first selecting the diamond, then the setting, and finally, completing the ring.

2. Themed Invitations

Millennials are taking their love of personalization into Invitations, rather than having a standard layout. These are increasingly being designed to match the theme and feel of the wedding. For a beach wedding, imagine a sand-textured paper with tiny seashells and watercolor. For a barn wedding, think recycled card encircled with lace, hessian and string. For a garden wedding, a splash of plant greenery adorns the invitations. It’s not uncommon to have two or more kinds of patterning — polka dots in the envelope and stripes on the invitation itself are a fun twist. Many couples are also opting to handwrite the guests’ names with stylistic calligraphy or utilize a printing service that can provide this personal touch.

3. Fun Bridal Party Accessories

Next on the list, Millennials brides enjoy adding some extra fun to routine activities with their bridesmaids, ordering matching tees and tank tops, carry cases for those all-important bits and pieces, and personalized tumblers for celebrating in style. For examples, check out these fun bridal party accessories.

4. Personalized Bridesmaids’ Gifts

Once it comes close to the big day, today’s brides enjoy thanking their hardworking bridesmaids with personalized bridesmaids’ gifts. This might be something special the gals can keep, such as jewelry, purses, keepsake mirrors, coasters, photo albums and frames or a treasure box — and many of these can be ordered with each bridesmaid’s initials to make it extra special. Other ideas include giving these treasured friends an experience to enjoy, like tickets and vouchers for their favorite entertainment, a hobby class each would like, or a trip to a day spa.

5. A Wide Variety of Wedding Venues


When it comes to where to hold the wedding, no place is off limits. Many weddings still take place in a traditional setting, such as a church, synagogue or chapel, while others are being held in more public venues like hotels, restaurants, and even ballrooms. Outdoor weddings are also popular among millennials, who are opting for scenic garden or beach weddings. Many are even choosing open fields, farms, and vineyards. In terms of food and catering, the traditional ‘chicken or fish’ options are getting a millennial foodie twist with food trucks, elaborately themed cakes, and buffet-style meals.

6. Interactive Receptions

There’s no need to get bored at a millennial’s wedding, as receptions often involve the guests in everything from food preparation to photography. “DIY bars” are springing up with an infinite number of spins: candy bars, sushi-rolling bars, make-your-own-margarita bars, and even make-your-own coffee bars. Guests may be invited to join in a dance-off or group video game as part of the reception or could enjoy an outdoor game of mini-golf or giant Jenga at their leisure between courses. If the bride and groom do specific photo shots of the day, they can create a version of “I spy” with disposable cameras and checklists on each table for the happy snaps guests are to collect throughout the party. Other receptions include a photo booth with props and dress-ups for guests to write messages of encouragement and wisdom for the newlyweds.

So, there you go — six wedding trends Millennials can’t get enough of. If you’re planning a wedding, you might have just found some new inspiration. If you’re attending one, you’ll be able to spot these trends right away and join in the fun!

Lynn Lewis is a writer and personal stylist based in Los Angeles, CA. She has clients throughout LA, Beverly Hills, and Hollywood, and loves writing about fashion and accessories. In her free time, she spends her days roaming boutiques to find the newest trends to bring to her clients.