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7 DIY Tips to Make your Wedding Flower Dreams a Reality!

written by Marina Strong March 29, 2018

We understand DIYing your wedding flowers requires work, which is why we’ve come up with tips to guide you through a successful DIY flower journey, here are our top 7 tips!

Have a Plan

How many bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, and centerpieces do you plan to make? How about any additional arrangements for the ceremony space, welcome table, or for you your aisle? Download our Wedding Flower Recipe Worksheet and Calculator or have our experienced Wedding Consultant, Violet, help you decide! Violet is fantastic at taking your floral vision and bringing it to life within budget, color, or theme. To set up an appointment with her please follow this link: https://calendly.com/fiftyflowers


This is where you and YouTube become best buds (flower pun intended). Decide what type of bouquets and arrangements you want to create and research videos on YouTube! If you are a first time DIY flower arranger we recommend sticking with simple designs that use elegant stand-alone focal flowers, like Garden Roses, Hydrangeas and Mums. Be sure to check out this blog, and Follow US on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram for endless ideas and inspirations.

Practice makes Perfect

We have noticed Brides and Customers who have performed a practice run, either by placing a smaller order for a bridal shower or another event prior to the wedding, or who just grabbed a bouquet from the grocery store to practice with; felt much more comfortable and relaxed when it came to arranging their flowers on their Big Day. So, we recommend giving yourself some time to practice making your arrangements in a less stressful environment, aka. not the day before your wedding or event!

Gather Your Floral Tools & Supplies

You will need several 5 gallon buckets (the kind you can get at your local home improvement store), good quality sharp shears to cut stems, gloves, thorn strippers (if using roses), access to plenty of water (to fill buckets, vases, etc. and make sure your flowers stay hydrated) and a HELPER (or several), it does take some time to process flowers and create your beautiful arrangements. In addition to these supplies, you may need floral tape or floral wire, Oasis foam, DIY floral arrangers, floral pins and/or ribbon. For a complete breakdown of what you may need, check out this handy post! Then shop for supplies here.

Order Extra Stems

In general, flowers are a hardy product, however, there are some flower types that can be a little finicky or delicate, and since flowers are not perfect, there may be a few stems that are more to your liking than others. If you have extras, make a few extra arrangements, or make your bouquet a little fuller! Better to have too much than not enough!

Process your Flowers & Watch them Bloom

Plan on receiving your flowers a couple of days before the wedding and PROCESS THEM RIGHT AWAY! Fill your buckets part way with water and add a couple drops of bleach or some flower food, cut stems about 1 inch from the bottom and place your flowers in the water line as this will cause bacteria to form. Our customer service reps will be calling you to make sure you received your flowers and give you any extra care instructions! Please read or print the care instructions for each type of flowers as well, you cant find these on the Flower Care tab on each product page.

You may need to make adjustments while your flowers are hydrating. If you need your flowers to open faster you can expose them to warmer weather (but not direct sunlight!), or give them warmer water. If you prefer your flowers tighter, keep them in a cool, dark room. Remember, we are here to help, call us at 1-877-507-6737 or chat in a FiftyFlowers.com with any questions you may have!


Gather all your friends and family (many of our brides find this to be a great bonding time with their bridesmaids!), have all of your supplies ready, create stations and Have Fun! You are ready to create the arrangements of your dreams!

Need help planning the wedding flowers of your dreams? Let us help! Call us at 1-877-507-6737 or use our LiveChat feature on FiftyFlowers.com. To set up a free flower consultation, click here!