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7 Tips for Using Floral Decorations at Your Party

written by Abby Drexler November 27, 2017


When you’re preparing to throw a party, you want everything to be perfect. This is especially true with your flowers since having eye-catching bouquets and arrangements throughout your home or room can make even the most beautiful surroundings look even better. However, with so many flowers from which to choose and the vast array of decorating ideas, deciding how to use floral decorations at your party can become a much more difficult decision than you anticipated. To make sure your party turns out great, here are some tips to keep in mind when using floral decorations at your event.

Beware of Fruits and Vegetables

No, you’re not going to decorate the room with apples, tomatoes, and potatoes. However, you may decide to put the flowers you’re going to use in the refrigerator with your fruits and vegetables to keep them fresh, and that’s a big mistake. From the time it’s picked, produce emits chemicals due to ripening and decomposing, which can wilt and kill fresh flowers.

So instead of opening your refrigerator door to find dead flowers, leave them at room temperature or find another cool spot in your home, that’s away from vents or sunlight.

Select Long-Lasting Flowers


If you want your floral arrangement to last as long as possible, select certain flowers that are known for being long-lasting species. Some of the best include daisies, mums, carnations, and orchids.

However, remember that white cut flowers start browning quickly when exposed to air, so try to cut them as close as possible to the day of your party.

To make things easier, it may be a good idea to use live plants such as succulents as centerpieces, since they require little design work and they can double up as party favors. 

Add Flower Food to the Water

Before you’re ready to put your beautiful flowers in their vases, take a moment to add some flower food to the water. If you want, you can get this in sachets from a flower shop, or simply make your own by adding a tiny bit of bleach and sugar to the water. By doing so, you’ll keep harmful bacteria from growing, which could harm the flowers.

Caged Flowers

To really get the attention of your guests, find a few vintage bird cages and place them throughout the room. Place several flowers in a cage and put it in the middle of a table, or choose to hang several cages from the ceiling for an even more stunning effect. By doing so, you’ll add some interesting architectural styling to your flower arrangements.

Don’t Make Your Arrangements Too Difficult


While you want your floral arrangements to be gorgeous, that doesn’t mean they have to be extremely complex. In today’s floral world, rustic design trends are very popular, since they are simple, easy to put together on the spur of the moment, and require little prep time.

This is especially good advice if you are not a seasoned decorator or don’t have an experienced floral designer helping you, since by trying to do too much you may get very frustrated and discouraged.

Use Your Old Paint Cans

If you’ve done any painting around your home lately, you’ve probably got some old paint cans scattered about. Rather than toss them in the trash, turn them into beautiful containers to hold your floral decorations. For an added spark, you can paint random designs on them, mod podge pictures on the cans, or just let them speak for themselves. 

Remember the Foliage

According to most floral designers, the best floral arrangements begin with great foliage. However, use it minimally, since you still want the flowers to stand out.

A great way to add brightness and contrast to any arrangement, some of your best options include bells of Ireland and bupleurum greenery. Offering strong acid green colors and strong stems, they work great with all types of flowers.

Whether you choose to round up your old paint cans and bird cages to create interesting architectural styles for your floral arrangements or make sure you’ve got the best flower food in your water, there’s no doubt using any or all of these tips will make your floral decorations the life of the party.