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A Thoughtful Way to Donate and Repurpose Your Wedding Flowers

written by Thalia Basulto March 19, 2018
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We spend most of our time thinking and prepping for our event flowers, but how many of us think about what we’ll do with the flowers post-event? Donating and repurposing your flowers can be a great option. Here at FiftyFlowers, we’ve experienced firsthand how impactful gifting flowers can be. We’re very lucky to have flowers in the office, but after they’ve been tested and photographed, we don’t have a use for them which is why we’ve started Free Flower Friday. On Friday’s we love to arrange small bouquets and gift them to local businesses and pedestrians rather than throwing them away. Nothing beats seeing their smiling faces upon receiving the flowers! I was very happy to learn there are organizations who solely focus on spreading happiness through giving flowers.

Reflower Project is an organization based in Boston, Massachusetts, they’re dedicated to re-purposing your event flowers by donating them to the community centers, such as nursing homes, elder communities, non-profit shelters and more. Organized by caring individuals, they ensure your donated flowers are properly removed, repurposed and delivered. Reflower Project strives to improve the health of the environment and well being of their community.

Here’s how the Reflower Project works:

  • Pre-event communication and coordination with your event planner, venue coordinator and/or florist.
  • Communication with the recipient of your donation.
  • Pick up of flowers from the venue once your event concludes that night or the next day.
  • Rearrangement and refreshing of flowers (if necessary) into recycled vases and containers.
  • Delivery to a Reflower Project’s approved non-profit recipient in the community.
  • Confirmation of delivery by photos of flowers at delivery location and email.
  • Composting of blooms, greenery and recycling of other waste.
  • A fee will be estimated based on labor and travel time and other costs associated for us to accomplish this service.
  • Receipt of donation for tax write-off (if applicable).

Not from the area? Don’t worry! There are other organizations who take donations! If you’re interested in donating your flowers, a quick Google search can pull up local organizations in your area. You can also search for local hospitals or nursing homes to see if they are willing to take donations. Make sure you talk to your event planner or a friend to help coordinate delivery after your event.

Be sure checkout Reflower Project’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter account.