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Baby’s Breath & Lace: 4 Different Varieties, ALL on Sale!

written by Marina Strong May 21, 2014

Are you looking for the perfect filler for your bouquet? Or do you want to create cool cloud like centerpieces? Then look no further! At FiftyFlowers, we have over 15 different Baby’s Breath and Lace Flowers! And this week, we are putting four varieties on Sale!

Each of these Baby’s Breath and Lace varieties have their own unique look and could work with any theme or color palette…Read on to learn more about each one…


Million Star Baby’s Breath

Million Star Baby’s Breath is a classic and popular flower, and what most people think of when they think of Baby’s Breath. Named because each stem has a spray of many tiny white blooms that give it the appearance of a million stars. Only in this case, they’ll light up your bouquet instead of the night sky! Use alone to create cloud like arrangements or combine with any other flowers for a touch of softness! Million Star could work with any theme, but fits in perfectly with Classic and Romantic styles.

Baby's Breath Wedding Ideas

Baby’s Breath Wedding Ideas

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Queen Anne’s Lace

Queen Anne’s Lace is similar to Baby’s Breath with its tiny and delicate clusters of small white flowers, however, these clusters are located at the top of the stem and create kind of a starburst pattern, or a flat topped umbel (think of an upside down umbrella), rather than scattered along the stems like Baby’s Breath. Queen Anne’s Lace symbolizes magic, trust, and healing. Try Queen Anne’s Lace for a Modern Wedding or a Gorgeous Garden Bouquet.

Queen Anne's Lace Wedding Ideas

Queen Anne’s Lace Wedding Ideas

{Sources: Queen Anne’s LaceRomantic Bouquet with Pops of Pink, Queen Anne’s Lace Bridesmaids BouquetsBlue and White Bouquet and CenterpieceSimple Queen Anne’s Lace Bouquet and Hair AccentTable Setting with Sprigs of Lace, White Bridal Bouquet.}


Chocolate Queen Anne’s Lace

The Chocolate Lace Flower. It is basically Queen Anne’s Lace but in a natural, monochromatic chocolate brown color, ranging from a light milk chocolate color to a darker burgundy color. Chocolate Lace would work great for a Vintage or Rustic wedding. Pair with creamy white garden roses or wild greens and berries for a look all your own, or use alone to create a unique monochromatic bouquet.

Chocolate Queen Anne's Lace Wedding Ideas

Chocolate Queen Anne’s Lace Wedding Ideas

{Sources: Chocolate Queen Anne’s Lace, Bridal Bouquet and Bridesmaid Bouquet with Chocolate LaceRustic Garden Arrangement.}


Orlaya Lace Flower

Last but not least, the Orlaya White Lace Flower. A gorgeous vintage style flower, similar to Queen Anne’s Lace, with the addition of wispy, delicate white petals. Use as a filler flower in romantic bouquets and charming centerpieces. Perfect for Romantic, Vintage and Garden Weddings, combine Orlaya with gorgeous Garden Roses, Scabiosa Pods, and Stock for a romantic garden bouquet or place a few stems in vintage bottles for an easy chic centerpiece.

Orlaya Lace Wedding Ideas

Orlaya Lace Wedding Ideas

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Remember, these four flowers are 10% OFF this week! So, head to FiftyFlowers to order your favorites!



Heather May 27, 2014 at 5:51 pm

How many bunches were needed for each galvanized metal bucket???

Marina Megens May 28, 2014 at 12:29 pm

Hi Heather,

About 3-5 bunches per bucket!


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