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Backyard Bouquets: Modern Greenery Bouquet

written by Marina Strong September 25, 2015
Backyard Bouquets: Modern Greenery Bouquet

It’s Friday and I have a new series to introduce you to! Those of you who follow our blog know that we are constantly bringing in products to test and photograph, so you get the best quality, the most accurate pictures and all the cool, new products. When we are done with testing at the end of the week we either give the flowers away or we get to take some home. And sometimes when I take stuff home I make bouquets or arrangements out of them! So, I introduce to you… Backyard Bouquets! Nothing fancy and I don’t have any formal experience besides playing with flowers for fun in my 5 years with FiftyFlowers.

First up is an all greens bouquet! Great for a Modern or Eco-Chic Bride that wants something structural, unique and gorgeously green… Take a look…then check out what I used and how I put it together below!

Backyard Bouquets: Modern Greenery Bouquet

Backyard Bouquets: Modern Greenery Bouquet

I created this bouquet using Lily Grass and Variegated Aspidistra Leaves. I wish I had taken a picture of just my leaf loops, but all I did was loop/fold in half and staple the bottom the the loop to keep them together. I put two staples in on each side of the stem, yup, just regular staples. I created 8 of these Aspidistra loops.

Once I had all my loops created, I grabbed a handful of Lily Grass. I think it was about 20 stems or so. Using the grass as my center base I just started adding the Aspidistra loops around the grass. I wound up with two “layers” and there really was no rhyme or reason to it, I just played with it until I thought it looked okay. The great thing about grasses and greenery is that they are super easy to work with and very hardy! I tied the base with a rubber band to hold everything in place and then I played around with looping some of my Lily Grass over the Aspidistra leaves. As you can see, I looped some and then left a few loose to give the bouquet some movement and keep it from looking too structured. If I had floral tape I would have secured it with that, but I did not, so I just used another rubber band. Then to finish it off I used a stem of Lily Grass and just wrapped it around the base of the bouquet and used a few floral pins to hold it in place!

Well, there you have it… My first Backyard Bouquet! 🙂 Hope you enjoyed it and have a great weekend!


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violet September 28, 2015 at 11:20 am

So love this one! I LOVE an all-greenery bouquet that is big and lush and full – and this could be the Bm bouquets! So cute!


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