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Berry-Hued Bouquet Breakdown

written by Thalia Basulto November 10, 2017

What I love the most about our Bouquet Breakdown series is the ability to inspire and help recreate the look. I’m constantly on the hunt for inspiration but it’s most exciting when readers send me photos of their favorite bouquets. So, I encourage you all to send in photos if you are in need of some recommendations. Today, I am featuring this lovely bouquet I found on HelloMay.com. With a bouquet like this, you’re bound to turn heads! Everything about this bridal bouquet is eye-catching especially the color palette. This bouquet features a rich color palette of peachy pinks, pops of berries and rich greens. Though it’s filled with a ton of fun colors, they all mesh well and can fit into any season. What makes this bouquet distinct is its mix of bloom sizes and its awesome textures. Check out the bouquet below, which was shot by Nectarine Photography and designed by Zinnia Floral Designs….


Here’s what I’d suggest to recreate this look: Black Pearl Ligustrum Berries (these are only available in October, so I would sub in Hypericum Berries), some Privett BerriesDavid Austin Rose Peach Juliet Ausgameson, Pink Antique Garden Rose, some Peony Rose Pink Yves Piaget, Light to Medium Orange Roses and some stunning Double Peony Tulips. Also, a few stems of  Sweet Pea (these also have a limited availability too, so I’d sub in Lisianthus).

Love this bouquet? Check out all of our Bouquet Breakdowns on the blog and our Pinterest board! If you’ve found an arrangement that you need broken down to try and recreate yourself, just leave a comment with a link to the image and we will do our best to offer some suggestions!

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Martina Channel November 29, 2017 at 1:56 pm

I love beautiful colorful flowers


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