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Bling for your Wedding bouquet!

written by Liza Roeser Atwood February 5, 2009

The sassy bride always knows how to make a statement on her wedding day. The perfect dress, the ideal shoes, the jewelry and flowers are carefully chosen. Nowadays, this bride has another important decision to make: how to add sparkle to her bouquet!Bridal bouquet with pins

One of the biggest and hottest trends this season features stunning bouquets adorned by jewelry. It is not the common jewelry though! This jewelry has been especially made to multiply the beauty of the flowers, complimenting them with rhinestones, crystals, pearls and even monogrammed letters! There are many styles to choose from, and many designs to use.

Monogrammed letters made out of crystals and rhinestones can be a great touch for a unique wedding bouquet. These letters are the right size for your bouquets, and have a long handle that can be cut to the size desired. If you prefer something more subtle, small crystals can be placed in between your blooms for a romantic look. You can also add stems covered with pearls and crystal to your flower bouquet, which will not only add volume to your arrangements, but will also help create and incorporate a glam feeling between your guests.

If traditional flowers are being used such as stephanotis, rhinestones specially made to fit in the center of these fragrant flowers are an ideal way to add glitz to your flower arrangements. If roses are being used, traditional pins, available in different colors, can be carefully placed in the center of the bloom for a dreamy effect. For a uniform look, consider adding jewelry to all of the bridal party bouquet, as well as to centerpieces.

Flowers are beautiful and special on their own, but a crystal or a pearl can help the flowers maximize their beauty. Choose the right jewels for you and start decorating your flower arrangements.

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