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Bouquet Inspiration: Pale Vintage Softness

written by Marina July 17, 2013

Yesterday, we featured a bold and bright bouquet breakdown and inspiration, but today, we are switching gears, and going pale with a blend of beautiful pastels, perfect for a Vintage Wedding! Violet created this inspiration based on the four flowers that are on Sale right now, so if you order your flowers this week, you could save about $80 on this whole wedding inspiration! Even without the sale, you can get everything you need for around $800, which will get you enough flowers to create 1 Bridal Bouquet, 5 Bridesmaid’s Bouquets, 2 Flower Girl/Mini Bouquets, 10 Boutonnieres, 4 Corsages, 2 large Ceremony Arrangements, 5 tall Centerpieces and 5 shorter Centerpieces! That’s enough for a pretty big wedding!

Let’s take a look at this Vintage Inspiration…

Vintage Wedding Inspiration!

Vintage Wedding Inspiration!

Wholesale Flowers Used:


And now a closer look…

Vintage Inspiration - Bridal Bouquet

Vintage Inspiration – Bridal Bouquet

For a soft and sweet Bridal Bouquet, use a single Hydrangea and about 15-20 Roses. You can kinda tuck the Roses into the Hydrangea so the Roses are interspersed amongst the Hydrangea. Wrap with lace or ribbon to finish the bouquet.


Vintage Inspiration - Bridesmaid Bouquets

Vintage Inspiration – Bridesmaid Bouquets

To create 5 Bridesmaids Bouquets, use a single Hydrangea for each girl, and then “cuff” with a bunch of Baby’s Breath. Basically, you are just surrounding the sides of the bouquet with springs/stems of Baby’s Breath. Simple, yet full of soft fluffy texture!


For the Guys, you could create up to 10 Boutonnieres…for your Groom, Groomsmen, Dads, and VIPs! For each guy, use a single Rose and then a section/tip of Larkspur. You could even use a different color of Larkspur to separate the Groom and Groomsmen if you wanted.


For the other important women, Moms, Grandmas, etc., you could make 4 Corsages. Each Corsage could contain 3 Roses and some Larkspur tips/sections to accent and trim.
Not up to doing the Corsages? Give the ladies a single Rose tied with some ribbon or lace.


If you have any, or 2, flower girls/boys/kids, use a single Hydrangea, tie with a long wide ribbon so it makes a “banner’ between them and the ends of the ribbon trail on the ground. Sooo cute!! Or, if you don’t have flower kids, use the Hydrangeas to decorate the cake or head table areas or bathrooms.


Vintage Inspiration - Tall Centerpiece

Vintage Inspiration – Tall Centerpiece

To create 5 Elegant and Tall Centerpieces use a tall trumpet vase with a narrow opening. Place a submergible light in the bottom of the vase then submerge a stem of Larkspur in the vase with water. To create the top, use one of our vase arrangers, along with 2 jumbo Hydrangeas, 7-10 Larkspur, and 10-15 Roses in each one. You can cut the stems shorter so you don’t see them, but remember, you can always cut off more as you arrange, but you can’t put them back on, so give yourself plenty of stem to work with while you plan and arrange.


Vintage Inspiration - Centerpieces

Vintage Inspiration – Centerpieces

Use vintage milk glass vases to create 5 shorter centerpieces to alternate with the taller centerpieces. In each one, you can use 3 bunches of Baby’s Breath, 3 stems Larkspur, and 7-9 Roses.

Last but not least, you could create 2 large ceremony arrangements. Each arrangement could include 3 Hydrangeas, 10 Larkspur, and 20 Roses. Gorgeous!


What do you think? Is this soft and sweet, pale vintage wedding inspiration for you? If yes, head to FiftyFlowers to order your wedding flowers, cause remember, the four flowers used in this inspiration are 10% OFF this week…Now until July 24th! So, you better hurry! 🙂

Plus, Stay Tuned for more Wedding and Bouquet Inspirations, Ideas, and More!


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