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Branches, Berries, and Baby’s Breath!

written by Marina November 27, 2013

Do you know the 3 B’s of Holiday Centerpieces and Decor? Branches, Berries and Baby’s Breath! Or is that 4 B’s?! Well, either way, all 3 are on Sale this week at 10% OFF! Let’s take a closer look at each one…


Branches:  Use Branches to create Height and Drama! You can attach flowers or hang jewels and votives. You could even spray your branches with floral spray for a touch of color or shimmer. Try black for a Sleek/Modern Wedding, Gold and Silver would look stunning for the holidays, or leave natural for Rustic, Vintage and Garden Weddings! This week, save 10% on our Curly Willow Branches.

Curly Willow Ideas

Curly Willow Ideas

{Sources – Clockwise from Top Left – Branch Centerpieces, Curly Willow, Curly Willow with Hydrangeas and Garden Roses, Elegant Branches, Natural Green Centerpiece, Tall Branch Aisle Decor, Silver Curly Willow, Orchids and Branches, Silver and Black Centerpiece.}


Berries: Add Berries for Texture and Color! They act as a popular filler and are great for Bouquets, Boutonnieres, and Centerpieces. Hypericum Berries feature several berries per stem, so you can bunch together a few stems to create clusters of texture. Available in a range of colors and are perfect any time of year. Right now, you can choose from our Magical Ivory or Magical Burgundy Hypericum Berries and Save 10% when you order this week!

Hypericum Berry Ideas

Hypericum Berry Ideas

{Sources – Clockwise from Top Left – Gerberas and Berries Bouquet, Magical Ivory Hypericum Berries, Magical Burgundy Hypericum Berries, Red and Green BouquetRomantic Pink Bouquet, Fall Bouquet, Green Centerpiece, Deep Jewel Tone Centerpiece, White Bridal Bouquet.}


Baby’s Breath: Baby’s Breath is often thought of as a filler flower, but it can make quite an elegant statement all on it’s own, think fluffy cloud like arrangements, perfect for a Winter Wonderland!  Tiny, white, popcorn like blooms cover the stems of this flower creating fluffy and full texture. It can fit with any theme, from Vintage to Modern, Rustic to Garden. Save 10% on our New Love Baby’s Breath this week.

Baby's Breath Ideas

Baby’s Breath Ideas

{Sources – Clockwise from Top Left – Baby’s Breath Centerpieces, New Love Baby’s Breath, Baby’s Breath Aisle Decor, Yellow and Baby’s Breath, Baby’s Breath Bridesmaids Bouquets, Baby’s Breath Boutonniere, Baby’s Breath and Billy Ball Bouquet.}


Which one is your Favorite? Choose One or Several, just Order this Week to Save 10%… Head to FiftyFlowers Now!


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