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Brighten Up Your Home or Beach House With These Flowers

written by Guest Post January 10, 2018


Whether you live near the sandy shores of your favorite beach or have simply designed your house in a beach theme to bring that pleasant atmosphere to your home, flowers are an essential aspect of your home decor.

Keeping fresh, colorful combos in your house will bring beautiful life to every room. The following flowers are a great place for you to begin:

The Tie Dye Dendrobium and Psychedelic Blue Orchids

Bring the bright blue skies and deep ocean into your home with gorgeous turquoise flowers. You can find orchids in many shades of blue that can be used throughout the home to complement the existing decor. The Tie Dye Dendrobium has rich purple tips, adding more dimension to the display.

On the other hand, you might prefer the quiet light colors on the Psychedelic Blue Orchids. The Shock It To Me colors are beautiful as well. These flowers make an excellent base for your flower arrangements. You can use baby’s breath and lighter flowers to accent the orchids or choose a few smaller flowers in high contrast colors. Bright yellow has a particularly attractive effect.

TIP: Use Color Combos To Enhance Your Existing Decor

Of course, not everything about your beach theme has to imitate the sea and sky. After all, there is a lot more going on at the beach than those two. For instance, the beautiful sun that crosses the sky each day provides a life-giving warmth that you can bring into your home with the right flower colors.

Snapdragon Orange Sorbet

Though sunflowers might be the first thing that pops into your mind, there are plenty of other choices out there. For instance, the Snapdragon Orange Sorbet Flower. The blooms on this snapdragon contain the colors seen at sunrise and sunset, which are perfect for your beach theme.

These unique flowers are tall, making them the perfect centerpiece for your floral design. The height also makes them suitable for tabletop arrangements and they pair great with coastal or beach themed rugs and other decors.


If you live near the shores and want to make sure that your blooms will do well in the salt air, you should consider adding Kalanchoe to your list. These succulents have beautiful blooms and can add variety to your living room, patio or garden. The white blooms are a good way to break up the visual display of other flowers with powerful colors. However, they are equally attractive on their own.

The warm yellow Kalanchoe can help to bring that sun-inspired theme to other locations. The warm yellow, along with the candy pink, is perfect color complements to the blue and turquoise flowers you choose. However, you might have a little something different in mind for your beach inspired arrangement. The charming and lovely pinks are beautiful and relaxing, which can be just what you need for a calming atmosphere after dealing with the outside world all day.

Of course, there are countless flowers out there that you can choose from. However, you don’t want to get caught up in a state of indecision because you have overthought the process. Take a look around your house or apartment and the locations you want to use the flower arrangements. Choose the colors and styles to complement the location. For instance, if your wall is pale blue, a bright orange arrangement is in order.

Don’t be afraid to try a few things out or ask the experts at Fifty Flowers for advice if you get stuck. They will work with you to find the perfect floral arrangements for any occasion. It is amazing how much fresh flowers can liven up an entire home. You’ll start to appreciate learning how to keep your home in style using floral arrangements while adding your own style. We hope our list of flowers helps you along the way!

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