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Bring Some Color into Your Wedding

written by Linda Lee Ruzicka November 13, 2017

You’re engaged to be married and starting to plan the wedding. But the big dilemma for you is your choice of wedding gown not so much which gown, but the color. Because you’ve always been a bit of a rebel and did things your own way, so wearing a lacy, sparkly white gown down the aisle isn’t something that you feel is you. But are there other opinions here to bring the right color into your wedding? 


Why the white dress?

So, what is the big deal about a white wedding dress? Where did the tradition come from? Well, there was a time when a bride wore her best dress, whatever the color. At that time, bright bold colors were popular such as blues, floral motifs and even red. This was because a bridal dress wasn’t considered something that you only wore once. You would continue to wear it on special occasions.

Then Queen Victoria got married to Prince Albert in 1840. She bucked tradition and was married in a cream-colored gown with orange blossom trim. In that era, white was considered the color a person in mourning wore. But Queen Victoria at that time didn’t care much about tradition and wore the wedding dress she wanted to wear. This tradition started a trend that slowly caught on. By the mid 20th century, white was now the fashion.


There aren’t any rules

So there is tradition, but there really aren’t any rules as to what you can wear on your wedding day. Now, if a traditional wedding dress is what you want to wear, then there are many choices. But what if you want something different because traditional just isn’t you? That’s fine because many brides are moving away from the traditional white and going with gowns of color or with color trim.


But one thing to keep in mind is that colors have different meanings. So to help you with your choice, below are some colors that you may be thinking about for your wedding gown and what those colors mean:

    • Red: Red can symbolize an assortment of meanings. On the positive side, red means love strong emotions, infatuation, excitement, strength, energy, and passion. Some different cultures have a tradition of red wedding gowns too. But you, as the bride, may just want to make a statement about how you feel about your spouse on this special day.
    • Pink: This soft blush of color can represent a child-like personality, freshness, purity, innocence, good health and the wish to have a good life. It can also donate a flirtatious personality. Pink is additionally associated with femininity.
    • Blue: Blue is the color of the water and the ocean and represents a sense of calm and peacefulness. Blue also symbolizes security, lifelong loyalty, stability, life, and femininity.
  • Black: The color black for a wedding gown is often thought to be an odd choice and an eerie color. But there are beautiful black wedding gowns, and the right one can denote class and elegance. Black can also represent sexuality, sophistication, wealth, formality, depth and mystery.


If you seriously feel that white lace and sequins aren’t something that you want to wear on your special day, don’t. Wear whatever you feel is the real you on your wedding day, it’s all about you, after all. If the gown is elegant, then the color choice will bring this out.