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Budget Saver: Wholesale Centerpieces

written by Kenna May 5, 2017

Want fresh flowers at your wedding or event but aren’t sure your budget will allow? Think again! Here at FiftyFlowers we have several amazing budget saving deals! This week, we’re focusing on Wholesale Centerpieces! These pre-made arrangements are not only ready to use, they offer more bang for your buck! The variety of flowers that come in many of these arrangements could potentially cost hundreds if purchased individually. I’ve taken a look at our 10 best selling Wholesale Centerpieces and thought I would do a quick introduction!

10. First up is our Purple Farm to Table Centerpieces! This arrangement will feature a seasonal mix of purple and lavender focal and filler flowers. They are perfect for a last minute get together or event! You can even use them as your bridesmaid’s bouquets!




9. Next up is the amply named Snow White Flower Table Centerpieces. These gorgeous arrangements feature an assortment of Baby’s Breath, White Asters, White Roses and Spray Roses as well as Silver Dollar Eucalyptus! They come in either Premium or Jumbo Sizes and are simple and elegant! If you’re looking for a classic look, then these might be right for you!



8. This next one is a personal favorite of mine, the Bright Bohemian Wedding Centerpieces. This colorful and fun arrangements features a mix of brightly colored Spray Roses, Asters and Green Dianthus. Available in two sizes, you are sure to fall in love with this exciting centerpiece! Also, pair with our Bright Bohemian DIY Mix Pack to add extra volume!

7. In seventh place is the Flower Centerpiece Pure Love. These adorable and simple arrangements are so clean and sophisticated! I love the classic White Rose paired with the Green Mini Hydrangea and Dianthus! Perfect for a garden themed wedding or gender neutral baby shower these beauties are available in three sizes!



6. Add a classy pop of color with our Varsity Blues Bridal Centerpieces. Boasting Shocking Blue Hydrangea, White Spray Roses, White Cremons and Pittosporum, this beautiful arrangement is sure to add that little bit of color while still being timeless and simple.



5. Next up is the Bridal Table Arrangements Fresh White Flowers! Let me tell you, I love the simplicity of this arrangement. It is simple yet stunning and features a mixture of white Asiatic Lily, Pine, Eryngium, Baby’s Breath, White Asters, White Mum, Gunnii/Silver Dollar Eucalyptus, and white Pompoms. Take your event to the next level with this arrangement in either large or small sizes!

FiftyFlowers- Fresh White Bridal Table Arrangement

4. Closely related to number five, we have the Farm To Table White Centerpieces. These beautiful arrangements come in one size and will feature a seasonal variety of white focal and filler flowers. They are easy to use and are great for last minute parties or events!

FiftyFlowers - Farm to Table

3. Our number three slot is taken by our super fun Peach Cobbler Wedding Centerpieces! These eye-catching arrangements feature an assortment of our beautiful peach and cream roses with pops of green and white! They are perfect for that Spring wedding or last minute celebration!

2. In second place, we have my all time favorite, the Simple Garden Fresh Centerpiece! I adore the simple white and green color scheme. The polished and refined look is perfect for any garden party, wedding, celebration, etc. I am in love! With Green Mini and White Hydrangea, Green Dianthus and Hypericum berries, this arrangement is sure to impress! Also, pair it with our Simple Garden Fresh DIY pack to add extra volume!

FiftyFlowers- simple-garden-fresh


1. Finally the number one best selling centerpiece is our Bridal Centerpieces Sunflowers and Orange flowers! This bold and colorful arrangement is chock full of vibrant colors and fun textures! With a yellow, red and orange color scheme going, this arrangement is perfect for those fall weddings or Thanksgiving tables! It is available in two sizes and is simply gorgeous!



Well, there you have it! Need help finding the perfect centerpiece? Call us at 1-877-507-6737 or Chat Us at FiftyFlowers.com.

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