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Carnations: The overlooked beautiful wedding flowers

written by admin August 21, 2009

Despite their undeniable beauty, carnations have gained a bad reputation leading many people to think of them as no more than a “cheap flower”. Who can forget that episode of Sex and the City when Charlotte and Carrie scoffed at the idea of a man bringing carnations on a first date? Well… that actually reflects the opinion of most women about this flower.

In many wedding forums, I’ve seen how brides ask for approval before considering using them for their big day. It actually seemed like it was a crime to even think of carnations as an option for your wedding flowers! But should we hate them just for being more affordable than other flowers? My answer to this question is definitely no.

Carnations are called “The flowers of God” and the reason is both scientific and religious. The scientific name of these flowers is “Dianthus” that comes from two Greek words “dios” that refers to the god Zeus and “anthos” that means flower. They also make part of a Christian legend that says carnations first appeared on Earth when Jesus carried the Cross. From where Virgin Mary’s tears fell a carnation would suddenly sprang up. That’s one of the reasons why carnations are also known as a symbol of a mother’s never-ending love.

Besides their symbolic meaning, there are many other reasons to consider carnations as a good option for any event or simply as a gift. These flowers are available year round so no matter when you need them you will always be able to get them. They come in all imaginable colors and there are even bicolor varieties and all natural. They don’t need to be tinted to have just the perfect color you wanted to use. And last but not least, they are one of the strongest flowers out there and have the longest vase life.

But if words are not enough, take a look at some of the wonderful things that can be done with these humble flowers before you say “no” to your florist when she suggests them as an option. The amazing look they have when bunched together would make anybody think twice before saying you used “cheap flowers” for your wedding.

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Wedding Flowers Girl August 28, 2009 at 11:31 am

hmm – this all makes sense, but I just have a hard time getting over the concept that carnations are considered cheap. I suppose they can look nice if done right. I think if a lot of carnations of the same color were arranged tightly together in a stylish vase, it could look pretty. I would definitely avoid pairing them with baby’s breath, however, since I think that would make them look even more cheap.


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