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Centerpieces: floating flowers.

written by liza December 3, 2008

Choosing the right centerpieces for your wedding can be such a fun experience: there are so many options to go with! One of the new trends for this season is to have submerged or floating flowers as part of your centerpieces. This is not only a budget friendly idea, but it is simple to DIY and set up.

Almost all flowers can be submerged. As always, there are flowers that are better choices forFloating Gerbera Daisies this type of arrangements. Orchids are one of the best options because they are found in almost every color and size of bloom and stem. Their flexible stems adapt to their containers easily and their colors make any arrangement pop. They also look very fresh and chic when mixed together Cymbidium and Dendrobium orchids, or a few blooms of Phalaenopsis orchids, which can be found at wholesale prices at FiftyFlowers.com.

Mini callas and standard calla lilies are another alternative for flowers that look amazing while submerged. These flowers can be used in tall as well as in round small clear vases, and come in a wide array of colors. Their flexible stems allow you to put them in intricate positions and to put as many as you need for the desired look.

If you want a very elaborate, eye grabbing centerpieces, you can combine the concept of submerged flowers with a tall flower arrangement. By doing this, you will get two focal points which can add glamour to the wedding. Make sure to have a balance and to use flowers that compliment themselves for a perfect look.

If you are going for a simple yet romantic look, then fresh rose petals are for you! Not only they look astonishing around your vases and on top of your tables, but they can go inside the vase as well. You can put as many rose petals as you desire inside a container and put a floating candle on top.

Floating flowers can also be used for centerpieces. Gardenias are excellent flowers for floating arrangements because their shape adjusts perfectly to the water. These flowers could be somewhat pricey, but they are the purest representation of beauty and elegance, not only because of their flawless shape and color, but because they also have a sweet aroma that distinguishes them from the rest of the flowers.

For a colorful, fun wedding, gerbera daisies are also great options for floating centerpieces. A couple of blooms inside a bowl with some marbles, rocks or seashell are perfect table arrangements.

Submerged and floating arrangements should be made close to the time of the event. This way, you ensure freshness for the flowers as well as a clean look to them. If you have a doubt as to what flowers are submergible, a test run will be the best answer. Explore and experiment, and enjoy your centerpieces!

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