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Colorful Bouquet Breakdown

written by Sarah May 12, 2017
FiftyFlowers - Colorful Bouquet

Much as I love looking at thousands of bouquets to break down for all of you on Pinterest, it’s more than a little exciting to break down bouquets sent in from brides. Sent in last week, this bouquet creates a tender femininity without diminishing the dramatics. Corals, oranges, and yellows warm things up, while the soft pinky-lavender peonies offer a sense of whimsy and glee. More than anything, this bouquet is delightful. Everything about it brings an innocent satisfaction that runs deep. The colors denote bliss and immeasurable happiness for you and your significant other. Soft-petalled flowers mix romance and sweetness for a simple symbol of pleasantness. The hand-tied stems even make it sincerely casual without taking away from the delicate details that make this such a stunning arrangement.


FiftyFlowers - Colorful Bouquet


To recreate a similar bouquet here’s what you’ll need: Snapdragon Yellow Flowers, Snapdragon Light Pink FlowersCalendula Pumpkin Orange Flowers, Sweet Nectar RoseDark Pink Designer Japanese Sweet Peas, Caramel Antique Garden Roses, Red Ecuadorian Roses,  Sarah Bernhardt PeoniesCoral Charm PeonyAlejandra Perfect Peach Rose and Mauve Wax Flowers. As for greenery, you can use Italian or Israeli Ruscus and if you want a unique mix of greens, I recommend adding Cotinus Smoke Bush


If this is the design you’re looking for at a wedding, make sure to be ready to continue the theme with your centerpieces and other arrangements at your event. The bouquet only needs two or three stems from each of the flowers above, meaning that you will have LOTS of leftovers to work with! Be prepared to have many smaller variations of the bouquet. However, if you want your bridal bouquet to resonate uniquely on its own, I highly recommend browsing through Pinterest for ideas for each of the different types of flowers you’ll be using. Instead of creating conventional centerpieces, you could definitely make a distinguished and grand display by coming up with different ways to decorate with each flower!


Love this bouquet? Check out all of our Bouquet Breakdowns on the blog and our Pinterest board! If you’ve found an arrangement that you need broken down to try and recreate yourself, just leave a comment with a link to the image and we will do our best to offer some suggestions!

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