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Consider Rose Petals

written by admin February 7, 2006

fresh rose petalsWhether you’re surprising the ones you love, popping the big question, or decorating tables at a party, rose petals are an exceptional choice.

Rose petals can be used in many imaginative ways to decorate tables. Petals can be elegantly displayed at the base of clear bowl on their own or immersed in water under a floating candle.

If you already have a centerpiece or just want simplistic decor, scatter rose petals sporadically in the center of the table on the table cloth, on a square mirror, or surrounding the centerpiece.

"Rose petals have so many uses and are inexpensive — they’re great for
decorating outdoor wedding aisles or for sprinkling in front of each
chair at the ceremony. Use them to accent dinner tables and serving
tables, or toss them at the bride and groom as they leave."
–Betty Crosby, Elegant Events

You do not have to be planning an elaborate dinner party to use such decor. A romantic dinner for two can be set apart from any other with rose petals.

Using this simple decoration shows the one you love how much this night means to you. So when you just need a little something to make an event special, consider the simple beauty of decorating with rose petals.

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