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DIY Bridal Shower Centerpiece and Gift Guide

written by Thalia June 1, 2017
FiftyFlowers - Adore Me infographic

Happy Wedding Season! As we dive into summer, brides are busy planning and prepping for their big day. Of course, with weddings comes bridal showers so when Adore Me reached out and shared their Bridal Shower Gift Guide we were eager to share! We also thought it would be a great time to reintroduce this gorgeous cascading centerpiece, which was created in-house. This Pinterest-inspired centerpiece is full of texture, rich colors, and drama. Perfect for an engagement party, bridal shower or a wedding. Scroll below to find out how you can recreate this look and check out Adore Me’s unique bridal gift ideas!

FiftyFlowers Cascading Centerpiece Inspiration

Here’s What You’ll Need:

How-To Steps:

For the base, we used a cake stand, which was made out of a candlestick and a little plate. You can use whatever vase you prefer.

  1. Start by cutting the foam block to fit your vase then soak the Oasis foam in water until it is fully saturated. Make sure not to leave the foam in the water for too long. If the foam has sunk to the bottom that is a good indication that the foam is fully soaked.
  2. Measure and cut your products and then begin at one end of the Oasis block, we worked our way from left to right.
  3. Hold the items up to the foam as you go to give you an idea of how much stem to trim off. Remember–measure twice, cut once.
  4. Carefully insert the stems at an angle (so that the greenery is facing downward). This will create a cascading effect and will hide the bowl.
  5. Then insert the flowers with the largest head and then work the smaller flowers in.
  6. Repeat these steps until you achieve your desired look and fullness. Make sure to fill in any gaps.


*Note: In order to achieve an unstructured, multi-textured look of an arrangement like this, pick flowers and greenery of different sizes (small and large blooms, and small and large leaves). Gorgeous centerpiece, isn’t it? Hopefully, this sparked some ideas!

Now, let’s check out Adore Me’s 10 Unique Bridal Shower Gift Ideas below:

FiftyFlowers -Adore Me Infographic

This graphic was provided by Adore Me, an NYC based lingerie company.

For more fun ideas, check out Anna Vasily’s 15 Bridal Shower Gift Ideas to Stand Out!

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