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DIY Fresh Floral Backdrop

written by Guest Post October 31, 2017

Whether you’re planning a wedding reception or a party, you’ve likely spent a long time considering how to ensure your friends and family have a fun time. One easy and unique way to incorporate fun (and fresh flowers!) into your party is with a flower photo backdrop.

This tutorial from Gifts teaches you how to easily make your own without breaking the budget. Just string your favorite flowers onto a fish hook or string and then hang them up for a stunning photo backdrop. And don’t forget to include props for your friends to pose with! You can include accessories from around the house, even more flowers, or just print out a few from the tutorial. Check out Gift’s how-to tutorial below!

Step 1 – Attach your flowers to the fishing line.
Thread your needle through the fishing line. Be sure to tie the line off on one end so that the flowers won’t slip off and you won’t lose all of your hard work. Next, thread the needle through the base of the flowers, below the petals. Space the flowers out however you prefer. If you notice that the flowers are slipping around, tie a knot where you want to the flower to rest, then thread the needle through.
Step 2 – Hang flowers on backdrop frame.
To hang each floral strand, simply tie a knot around the backdrop frame. Each strand was spaced about 4 inches apart for a simple and clean look. Although, you can add as many flower strands as you’d like.
Step 3 – Start posing!
A backdrop isn’t complete without some fun props! Gift offers downloadable flower props that your guests will love. So grab a prop, strick a pose and snap a photo!


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