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DIY: Hanging Floral Display

written by Marina August 25, 2017

I am sharing another cool DIY project today! This tutorial from Tin Can Studios shows how to make a beautiful chandelier out of fresh flowers. A floral chandelier can add a rustic yet beautiful affect to your event and leave guests in awe of your creative ability!

What You’ll Need:

  • Metal sheet with holes big enough for flower stems to fit through —this metal should be thin enough to cut with a pair of tin cutters
  • Wood trim (preferably recycled for a rustic feel)
  • Hammer
  • Nails and furniture tacks
  • Tin cutters
  • Strong twine, wire, or rope
  • 3” floral water tubes with caps
  • Flower shears
  • Your choice of flowers

How-to Steps: 

  1. Start by building your frame! If you don’t have time to make one or don’t want to, an old picture frame will also work.
  2. Cut your sheet of metal to the appropriate size of the frame and then use the tacks to secure it into place.FiftyFlowers- Tine Can Studios
  3. Prepare your flowers by letting them hydrate properly. Check out our general flower care tips here, which gives you step-by-step instructions on how to care for your flowers.Tin_Can_Studios_Salvaged_Wood_Floral_Chandelier_DIY_Brooklyn_8
  4. Suspend your frame on saw horse legs or two chairs for support.Tin_Can_Studios_Salvaged_Wood_Floral_Chandelier_DIY_Brooklyn_10
  5. Fill up your floral tubes with water, this is typically easiest by filling up a big bucket and then submerging the tubes. You can now begin arranging. First stick a stem through the sheet metal hole and then insert the stem into a floral tube. They recommend only pushing the stem halfway into the tube so the end of the stem remains in water. They also suggest starting in the middle and working outwards to make it easier. Arrange the stems at various lengths so that none of the blooms are obstructed by one another. Tin_Can_Studios_Salvaged_Wood_Floral_Chandelier_DIY_Brooklyn_11
  6. When you’re done thread the twine or wire through the edges of the frame and hang it up for a beautiful design!Tin_Can_Studios_Salvaged_Wood_Floral_Chandelier_DIY_Brooklyn_13

For more DIY inspiration and tutorials, check out our DIY page!

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