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DIY: How to Create Your Own Ballon Garland

written by Thalia Basulto January 18, 2018

In today’s post, I am sharing a really cute DIY project that was produced and designed by Kara Woolery of Lilian Hope Designs. This balloon garland tutorial is both achievable and affordable! There are many ways you can style these garlands, Kara used our fresh silver dollar eucalyptus and also added roses to decorate the area. A balloon garland such as this can be used as a cute photo backdrop, a dessert table backdrop, draped on a stairwell, and the list goes on. Keep on scrollin’ to learn how to create your own!

Step 1

Inflate your balloons. Either blow them up yourself or a handheld air pump. Cut and tie the twine to the length you want the balloon garland to be. Leave one foot extra on each end for hanging later. It’s important that you elevate it off the ground to make it easier to attach the balloons. You may choose to tie to door handles or chair backs, as I have done here.

Step 2

Cut a 3-inch piece of twine for each balloon. Tie the twine around the base of the knot on the balloon. You only need to tie it once. It will stay on.

Step 3

Start to tie the balloons onto the long piece of twine, tying each one with a double knot. Then slide them up to the one in front.

Step 4

Alternate balloon colors and sizes. There’s no need to follow an exact pattern, and remember to mix in plenty of the smaller balloons. As you add more balloons, you will just slide them tightly together. Keep adding the balloons, making it full and balanced.

Step 5

Hang the garland and add in sprigs of silver dollar eucalyptus. If hanging the garland on a wall you can use nails or command hooks. Once you hang you can arrange and move the balloons around a bit.

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Photography: Heather Renee Photography

Venue: The McGranahan Barn

Cake Table Rental: Ruby’s Vintage Rentals

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