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DIY Moss Eggs Tutorial

written by Thalia Basulto March 29, 2017
FiftyFlowers- Moss Egg Centerpiece

Continuing with our Easter inspiration, I wanted to share this super cool egg-covered moss centerpiece from Martha Stewart. I love the mixture of shapes and texture! The hues of pink from the Quince Blossoms pair nicely with the vibrant green eggs and help brighten up the earthy tones. Such a great idea! For this DIY project, preserved sheet moss was used to cover the eggs and like most moss varieties, it is easy to care for and has a long shelf life. Other than using moss to cover objects, it can also be used to create place mats, table runners, backdrops and more! We do offer an assortment of blooming branches, but keep in mind they’re seasonal. If the variety you want is not available, contact us and we’ll look into it! A great blooming branch alternative would be Curly Willow Branches, although this variety does not have blooms, it offers great texture. Also, if you live in an area with blooming branches, you can always cut a few off your own tree, or your neighbors, just ask for permission first!

Scroll down to see the breakdown of supplies and step-by-step instructions on how to create these cute moss-covered eggs!

You will need:

  • Plastic clamshell egg mold (you know, those plastic eggs you fill with candy at Easter.)
  • Rubber bands


How-to Steps:

  1. Dampen moss with water to make it pliable. Press largest, prettiest pieces in two sides of mold first, green side down. (They will be the exposed exterior of assembled egg.)
  2. Fill in rest of mold with smaller, less colorful pieces.

    FiftyFlowers- Moss Egg

  3. Press both sides of mold together, and secure closed with rubber bands. Let sit several hours, until moss has dried a bit.
  4. Remove rubber bands and gently pull egg halves from mold.
  5. Press halves back together; about 1 inch from seam on one side, pierce through both halves with floral wire. Twist ends of wire together and trim. (Wire will be hidden by moss.) Repeat on other side, then on top and bottom. If eggs need reshaping, briefly return to mold.

    FiftyFlowers - moss-covered egg

To achieve a similar look, you can glue small sections of sheet moss onto the egg mold with a glue gun (be careful not to burn yourself). Continue to do this until it is fully covered!

Want to learn more about our moss? Check out our Moss Madness blog post or for more inspiration, head over to our Moss Madness Pinterest board!