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DIY Simple Orchid Centerpieces

written by Marina April 27, 2017
FiftyFlowers - Trio

Tropical arrangements are making a comeback this year and I loving it because the flowers and greenery are so fun to arrange with! For today’s tutorial, I used Cymbidium Orchids to create these simple tropical arrangements. Before we jump in, I wanted to mention I used two different types of vases, both look great on their own and also complement each other when paired. The great thing about making these arrangements is that you don’t need a ton of flowers to make a statement. For each arrangement, I used a total of two blooms. Depending on how many blooms you use, you can easily create 3 to 5 arrangements from one orchid stem.

You Will Need:

  • Your choice of Orchids
  • One bag of decorative rocks (you can find these in any craft store)
  • Bunch cutter
  • Square vase – 8” tall and 4” wide
  • Bubble ball vase – 3.25” wide opening, 5.5” wide in the middle, and 4.75” tall
  • Floral food from our Floral Care Kit
  • Pitcher (make sure to mix in floral food with the water prior to arranging)


FiftyFlowers - Materials


How-To Steps:

1. Start by carefully pouring the rocks into both vases. I only added enough to cover the bottom, but you could add more if you want to hide the orchid stems.

FiftyFlowers - Orchid Step 1


2. Then add fresh, cool water mixed with food solution. I filled the tall square vase with about 5 inches of water so that the orchid would be submerged.  I wanted a different look for the small bubble vase so I only added enough water to keep the stem hydrated.



3. Next, use your bunch cutter to cut one of the stems. For the tall vase, you want the Orchids to be 2.5 – 3″ long and 1.5 – 2″ for the bubble vase.

FiftyFlowers - Orchid trimming


4. After you trim the stems, add one bloom to the tall vase.I used a total of two blooms. I inserted the second orchid facing the opposite direction in order to help keep them in place and secure the first one.



5. For the bubble vase, I used two blooms as well. If you think the stems are still too long go ahead and trim a little more. Once you are happy with the length, carefully stick the orchid stem into the rocks and add the second orchid facing the opposite direction. Note: you may have to play around with them a little to get the blooms to stay in place.



And you’re done! Easy, quick, and elegant. What could be better?


FiftyFlowers- Arrangements


Left with any extra orchid stems? Add a different look to your centerpieces by submerging the whole stem into the water. Tip: strategically thin out the stem by alternating which side you cut the blooms from. By doing this, you will have enough blooms throughout the stem to submerge. (Use the blooms you removed for the other arrangements.) The tallest vase shown below is 12 inches tall and 4 inches wide. Check out this beautiful trio!


FiftyFlowers - Trio


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