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DIY: Succulent Pumpkin Centerpiece

written by Thalia September 22, 2017

Happy first day of Fall! This season will be filled with a lot of neutral Fall decoration. You’ll see a ton cooler shades like sage green, white,  and blue. I’ve recently seen sage green pumpkins paired with greenery like Dusty Miller and Silver Dollar. It’s a nice change from your typical autumn colors. Today, on the blog I am sharing a DIY tutorial from Sand and Sisal. This Succulent Pumpkin Centerpiece consists of shades of green, blue, white and grey, which is very on trend. It’s also reusable and can transition into your winter decor! The centerpiece requires materials that you may already have in your home and it is easy to recreate. Check out the list of materials below as well as the photographed how-to steps! If you recreate this look don’t forget to tag us. We would love to see the finished product!

You Will Need: 

How-To Steps:

Step 1.  Take a 4″ terracotta pot and place it upside down on top of the pumpkin and trace around it with a pen.

Step 2.  Using a drywall knife or serrated steak knife cut deep into the pumpkin, around the circle. Remove all the foam inside of your cuts to create a clean space for the pot to snuggly fit inside. Now, I won’t lie. If your pumpkin is solid foam, which I discovered mine was, then the process of cutting out the foam will take a bit more time and will make a mess. Just keep a trash can and your hand vacuum nearby. If your craft pumpkin is hollow the cutting open the top will be super easy.

Step 3. Gather a variety of succulent plants. Choose succulents which work best with the color palette.

Step 4. Divide the succulents and group together as desired.

Step 5. Transplant the succulents into the terracotta pot with a base of moist cactus soil (which is highly recommended for any succulent plant).

Step 6. Slip the terracotta pot into the pumpkin and hide any exposed edges of the pot with Spanish Moss.

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