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DIY Wedding Flower Ideas

written by Marina November 4, 2011

Are you ready to create your own DIY decorations that look like they were done by a professional?! Whether you are planning a wedding, bridal or baby shower, or holiday dinner party, these decorations will get your guests talking! They won’t believe you did it all yourself!

Floral Pomander Balls – Also known as kissing balls, these floral balls can be carried by flower girls or bridesmaids, used as centerpieces, hung from ceilings or chairs or wherever you can imagine! They are great for Weddings, Bridal Showers, or Baby Showers and the best thing is that they are easy to make!

Floral Pomander Ball

Floral Pomander Ball


Floral Foam Balls – (the ones with the mesh wrapper (shown) give you a handle!)

Wholesale Flowers – such as rosesspray rosessunflowersdaisies, carnations, or any sturdy flower!

Floral Wire (20 gauge), Shears, and Ribbon

Floral Pomander Ball

Floral Pomander Ball

How To:

1. Soak foam ball in water, let sink on it’s own, don’t dunk. This will ensure ball is soaked and flowers will have plenty of water to “drink”!

2. Prep flowers by trimming the stems at an angle, leaving about an inch or two beneath the head. If the flower stems are week, you can support them with the wire. Trim wire to 4 inch pieces to support the stem from the flower head.

3. Add flowers! Start adding in a straight row, making a ring around the ball, then fill in each half overlapping petals to fill in all gaps.

4. Add Ribbon and Decorate. Slip ribbon through the loop and then tie a bow or knot. If you prefer a clean look, tie a tight knot, then take the wire to help push your knot into the top of the ball and out of sight!

There you have it, beautiful and fun floral pomanders! Since Thanksgiving is just around the corner, use sunflowers and orange roses to create fun and festive decorations that your guests and families will love!

Elegant Floral Arrangements – It’s not as hard as you think! Start by deciding what type of vessel you would like to use, remember, this plays an important role in the theme and feel you want to portray. Black or silver can look great for a formal event, where colored glass can be fun for a party vibe! For our example, we used a tall and slender gold vase filled with bold colored flowers, for a festive yet regal party feel. The key to this look is using wire floral arrangers! They give you control when arranging your flowers and they let you add fun and unexpected flare! Read on for more details…

Elegant Floral Arrangement

Elegant Floral Arrangement

Flowers used: White Delphinium, Purple Statice, Hot Pink Hydrangea, Green Thistle, and Golden Orange Orchids to hang.

Supplies:  Floral Arranger, Vase, Shears

Optional: hanging flower jars, beads, flower garland

After hydrating and prepping flowers, cut stems at an angle to the appropriate length for your container. Place the flower arranger on top of your vase, notice we used one that’s larger than our vase to add hanging elements, but for a clean look you can cut it down to the exact shape and size of your container. Arrange flowers as desired. In this arrangement we added height with the delphinium, and texture with the thistle and statice.

To add an unexpected element, we used small hanging jars to display beautiful golden orchids and doesn’t it look like they are floating! Other things to try, hang strands of beads or crystals, string rose petals on fishing wire and hang, hang glass votives with candles, the options are endless!

Floral Arranger Corsage

Floral Arranger Corsage




Another amazing way to use floral arrangers… make a corsage! They allow you to easily attach flowers, ribbon, and more! Simply attach flowers with floral wire or tape, then add ribbon, beads or any other decoration you wish. Then use ribbon or elastic to wrap around your wrist! Even the metal arranger adds a modern decorative element!






Rose Petal Aisles – Rose petal aisles are a favorite for lots of reasons, they are super easy, affordable and the uses for rose petals are endless, so you can never have enough! Take the rose petal aisle to the next level to add a design element that’ll make you look like a pro!

Rose Petal Aisle

Rose Petal Aisle


Supplies: Fabric, Rose Petals, Glue Gun or Strong Clear Glue!


Take your aisle from plain to spectacular! Choose a fabric aisle runner in the color of your choice and decide what type of pattern you want to create with the rose petals. Try swirls, hearts, abstract designs, or even initials. You can sketch your pattern out on the aisle or just go free style! Then use a strong clear glue to keep your petals in their place!

Rose Petal Aisle

Rose Petal Aisle

The great thing about rose petals, is the variety of colors and the diversity of uses! If you have petals left over you can scatter on tables, fill vases, do a petal toss, string on fishing line to make garland, pamper yourself with a rose petal bubble bath, scatter on your wedding or honeymoon bed or anything else you can imagine!

Choose from petals in over 30 different colors and blends, from classic red and white, to fun pinks and purple, to fall oranges and yellows! Your certain to find the right colors for your event!


Shop for your wholesale flowers now and see how easy it is to create professional looking decorations right in your own home!



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