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Easter Inspired Centerpieces

written by Thalia Basulto March 28, 2017

On the hunt for some Easter decor inspiration? Well, I’ve got you covered! With Easter quickly approaching, I wanted to share simple Easter inspired arrangements that can not only be used as centerpieces but also as a thoughtful gift to a friend or family member!


{Sources: Trio of Daffodils in bird nests, Daffodil and Moss centerpieces}

First up, Daffodils! They are often associated with Spring and Easter, which makes them the perfect pick for your arrangement! We offer these cheerful blooms in two varieties: standard and mini! The table arrangements shown above both display an egg-theme with an earth-y feel. The photo on the left is a trio of nests cradling the eggs and daffodils and the photo on the right features sheet moss, which can be used to cover floral foam!

FiftyFlowers -easter-centerpieces

{Sources: Simple pink and yellow Tulip arrangement, Orange Tulips and carrots arrangement}

If you don’t have a ton of time or you are not much of a DIY-er, try sticking to one flower type. As you can see, the first photo displays a mixture of yellow and pink tulips. The simplicity of this arrangement is what makes it beautiful! The carrot arrangement is one of my favorites! It features a unique Parrot Tulip variety, which can add amazing texture. It also includes other flowers such as Viburnum, this specific variety will soon make an appearance on our website so keep an eye out! Fun fact: did you know tulips continue to grow taller even after they’re cut and placed into water? Check it out!

FiftyFlowers- hyacinth-easter-centerpieces

{Sources: White modern Hyacinth arrangement, Blush and pink Hyacinth arrangement}

Hyacinth is known for their sweet fragrance. They have small, star-shaped blooms and come in an array of colors! As you can see, Hyacinth looks beautiful on its own! For those who want to decorate their table for Easter but don’t want to go overboard with the bunnies and eggs (not that that is a bad thing!), opt for a modern look such as the arrangement shown on the left. This centerpiece features white hyacinth and sheet moss, which pairs nicely with the wire basket. Sticking with the simplicity theme, adding fresh flowers to a decorative pitcher can also make a charming centerpiece!


FiftyFlowers - Lily Easter Inspired Centerpieces

{Sources: Pink lilies with snapdragons and greenery, Yellow lilies in wooden box}

Lilies, specifically white lilies, are one of the most traditional Easter flowers. They represent hope and love! Just like the Hyacinths, these big blooms also have a sweet fragrance. I came across this grand centerpiece (shown on the left), full of white snap dragons, oriental lilies, and a mix of greenery. Lilies look beautiful on its own but pairing them with other flowers and greenery adds fullness and elegance! For a causal – yet cute alternative check out the wooden box centerpiece. It’s full of beautiful, bright yellow lilies, purple hyacinths, and a mixture of orange and pink tulips. Notice the small details in this arrangement such as the moss-covered egg. Such a great idea!

Stay tune for a DIY moss-covered egg tutorial!