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Eloping: Simplicity at Its Best

written by Linda Lee Ruzicka April 11, 2018

The definition of an elopement ceremony has evolved in recent years and while there’s a trend to this style of wedding, it isn’t for everyone. Maybe you prefer a more private ceremony with just the officiant and a witness or two. Or perhaps, you’ve been married before and just want to quietly slip away and have a party when you get back. Whatever your reasons, they are your reasons for eloping. But there are some things you should consider before you pack your suitcase and slip out the door.


Checklist for eloping

Before you elope, check the marriage laws for the state or country that you’re eloping to. If your elopement involves getting a marriage license, then you’ll want to know what the requirements are. For example, what is the wait time between acquiring your marriage license and the wedding day? Or, will you need to make an appointment at city hall or walk in? Too, what are the requirements for the witnesses, who can serve as a witness and how many do you need?

Other things to consider is if you’re going to have rings. If so, you’ll need to order them with enough lead time and remember to bring them along. Plus, you may want to write your own vows or follow the officiant’s lead. Also, make travel plans ahead of time, so you have your honeymoon ready and waiting when the wedding is over.


Other considerations

Some other things to consider is what you’re going to wear. Some brides who elope wear formal wedding dresses including the veil. Others may decide to just wear a pretty suit or something informal. Remember, what you wear for your special day is up to you. If you choose to have your makeup professionally done, that’s your choice, as well as just applying what you do every day. Eloping is all about what you and your partner feel comfortable with.


One thing you might want to think about is carrying a bridal bouquet. There are online flower shops which carry ready to go bridal bouquets, you can order them ahead of time and have them delivered right to your front door.  FiftyFlowers’ Enchanted Wedding Flowers in a Box is an elegant option. This collection features a classic color palette of cream, white, blush, and pink. Another great idea for a handheld bouquet can be made from a centerpiece. Just order it, cut trim the stems and place in a vase until it’s time to get married. If you’re crafty, wrapping the flower stems halfway down with a corresponding ribbon to match your dress is also a nice touch.

Another thought is to hire a photographer. Many photographers have hourly rates and would be happy to take before, during and after the ceremony photos. Having some high-quality professional photos is one of the best ways to remember that special day. Otherwise, all you’ll have is the memory of your wedding day when you may wish you had some photos.


Finally, when your ceremony is finished, you can go on a honeymoon or consider having a party to celebrate your marriage. It can be a casual barbeque in the backyard or something fancier at a reception hall.

Eloping is a matter of personal choice and what makes you and your future husband happy.


Special thanks to Gianna Falcon, Alex Klarc, Natalie Koen, and Austin Drawhorn for the photos!