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How-To Create A Faux Peony

written by Thalia Basulto January 29, 2018

Peonies are a wedding-day/every day favorite! They’re beloved for their size, sweet scent, and their luxurious appearance but they can be very pricey. So, what’s a great alternative? Carnations! Carnations are long-lasting, resilient and easy to work with. When bunched together, they have a similar peony appearance because of its ruffled petals. Just like peonies, carnations come in a variety of colors to choose from. If you’re interested in getting the look without breaking the bank then try this DIY project and create your own faux peonies!

You Will Need:

How-To Steps:

  1. Pick 4-5 carnations and remove the extra foliage.
  2. Tightly bunch the carnations together and begin to wrap the stems using your floral tape. This will create one stem.
  3. Trim to the stems to your desired length and voila! You’re left with a gorgeous lush bloom, which will make the perfect addition to your arrangement.

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