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Featured FiftyFlowers Review: Wildflower Dream Wedding

written by Marina Strong September 29, 2015

Wildflower Dream Wedding

By: Joy Drawdy (Groom’s Mom)      Date: July 11th, 2015

Location: Oak Trees in front of LifePoint Church, Eau Gallie Civic Center in Palm Bay, FL (This location looks amazing!!..with the moss hanging from the trees…*love*)

Wholesale Flowers Ordered: 24 bunches Daisy Assorted Colors Flower, 16 bunches Choose Your Own Spray Bulk Roses, 12 bunches Yoko Ono Mini Button Pom Green Flower, 10 bunches New Love Baby’s Breath Flower, 8-10 bunches Larkspur Farm Mix Flower, 8 bunches Lavender Limonium Airbrushed Filler Flowers.

What She Made: 1 Bridal Bouquet, 5 Bridesmaids Bouquets, 10 Boutonnieres, 6 Corsages, Over 20 Centerpieces and 10 Other Arrangements, for the welcome table, food tables, aisle decor, etc.

Featured FiftyFlowers Review: Wildflower Dream Wedding

Featured FiftyFlowers Review: Wildflower Dream Wedding – Photography By Kati Rosado – Wholesale Flowers by FiftyFlowers.com

“When my son told me that he and his wife to be wanted to have an outdoor wedding in the middle of July in Florida, all I could think of was it is going to be so hot! My soon to be daughter-in-law wanted the just picked wildflower look and I thought that daisies, spray roses, baby’s breath, lavender limonium, and larkspur along with ferns and greenery from my backyard would give the look she wanted. Her colors were pastels, pink, peach and lavender so it was wonderful that the roses, larkspur and daisies could be ordered from Fifty Flowers with a variety of colors that matched our color palette which really helped to keep our overall cost down. We had a tight budget and Fifty Flowers made the wildflower dream come to fruition without putting us in the poor house. We had gotten a price quote from a friend who was a florist but she could not come close to Fifty Flowers prices for what we wanted. I was a little nervous after the florist cautioned us that the flowers could arrive and not be in good shape and then the wedding would be ruined but I had used Fifty Flowers before and had been very happy with the experience. I love it that Fifty Flowers customer service calls and texts you when the flowers have been delivered especially since it was 90 degrees outside when they arrived. Of course the flowers looked perfect and I started work on the table centerpieces right away since we had eighty bottles to fill. Each centerpiece had three glass bottles sitting on a slice of wood and I had looked at thrift stores for months finding just the right different shaped tiny bottles. It had rained and been very hot and muggy the week before the wedding, but the day of, it was perfect weather and the temperature even dropped to a comfortable upper 70s by 6:30 when the wedding started. The flowers looked beautiful and I just really want to thank our photographer Kati Rosado who really captured the essence of the day on film and Fifty Flowers for making our wildflower dream wedding become a reality!”

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