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FiftyFlowers Reviews!

written by Marina January 11, 2013

A few days ago, I shared with you some of the resources that FiftyFlowers has to offer during your wedding flower planning, check it out here! But, I missed an important one! Do you want ideas and inspiration straight from the other Brides/Moms/Friends out there that have created gorgeous wedding flower arrangements using wholesale flowers from FiftyFlowers.com? Then check out our Flower Stories and Reviews and get ready to be inspired!

Here are some current flower stories we have received!


Tara Martin - "Beautiful"

Tara Martin


Flowers Ordered: Light Pink RosesGarden Rose Blush JahrClassic Pink Spray Garden RosesPink Garden Rose, …

“Our roses were beautiful! With the help of family and friends, we were able to make everything for our wedding!” … “Flowers were fresh and beautiful!”  See More…



Johanna Budzilowicz - "Beautiful!! Great Quality"

Johanna Budzilowicz

Beautiful!! Great Quality

Flowers Ordered: Monochromatic Purple Combo PackLisianthus Purple FlowerSeeded Eucalyptus Flower

“…the combo pack was great, because it gave a great range in the color I wanted, without having to go through and pick each and every flower. Thank you Fifty Flowers for helping make my wedding day great!” See More…



Leanna Kruckeberg - "I ordered all roses and LOVE every single one!"

Leanna Kruckeberg

I ordered all roses and LOVE every single one!

Flowers Ordered: Wholesale Bulk Roses 200 Stems Your ColorsBlue Curiosa Lavender Purple RoseOcean Song Lavender Rose, …

“…I have a good friend who worked for a florist for years and I knew she would be able to put every thing together as long as I order the flowers in. Every flower came just like the picture on the website!” See More…



What about all those other review sites out there? If you search hard enough, you can prob find negative reviews on just about every company out there, yes, even FiftyFlowers 🙁 . In the modern information age a single negative review can capture the imagination, and skew the statistics inaccurately. To see the real deal and view all of our reviews and ratings from around the web, check out FiftyFlowers Reviews and Ratings.  To any customers who have had a negative experience, we apologize sincerely. However they are few and far between. After almost 10 years and 50,000 customers, less than 1% of all customers have a problem with our flowers, although rarely, it does happen, and this is true throughout the flower industry, as we are working with a fresh and perishable product.

In the event you have a problem with your flowers, FiftyFlowers will make every effort to replace you flowers, find local flowers, and/or make refunds. All that we ask, is that you notify us right away with pictures, so we can work on finding a solution! We want you to have fresh beautiful flowers for your wedding day! 🙂


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