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Floral pins ~ the perfect compliment for your wedding flowers!

written by liza April 22, 2010

Floral pins are a creative and unique way to use color and shapes to customize your wedding flowers. Pins come in a rainbow of colors and anywhere from metallic to pearl shades. If you discover all the ways to use floral pins, you can use the same ones again and again! Here are some ideas for DIY pins:

  • Pin flower heads to a Styrofoam shape to create a fresh flower ring bearer pillow!
  • Use colored pins and floral adhesive to add a creative touch to purses or gift bags.
  • Shorten pins with wire cutters, and then use hot glue to make clusters of pins for an extra added touch of color to corsages or boutonnieres.
  • Use contrasting colors of pins in a flowers bloom to bring out the colors of other flowers in the bouquet.
  • Use pins and ribbon or floral tape to wrap the stems in a bouquet.
  • Use a pearl colored pin to make the center in a smaller flower, like a stephanotis.
  • Use several pins in the open bloom on a rose.
  • Gerbera daisies are great for a tri-pin accent.
  • Wrap wide leaves around a Styrofoam frame and use pins to secure. Beautiful for menus, pictures or announcements on display.
  • Use pins to wrap ribbons or other accessories into wax candles, just don’t light them!
  • Pin a charm of the initial of your bridesmaids names on their bouquets for a personalized touch
  • Extra Tip: Dip pins in floral adhesive to insure “stick ability”

Pins are available at www.Fiftyflowers.com!

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Wendy October 21, 2010 at 10:22 pm

I used these at my wedding and they were GREAT – I had never thought of including them until one of the chat girls told me about them. They added the perfect accent to my bouquet! I wanted tiffany blue and I got it!


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