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Flower Fashion Statement: 5 Ways To Look Fashionable With A Corsage

written by Guest Post January 22, 2018
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A corsage is a set of fresh (sometimes decorative) flowers that a woman pins on her clothes or wears on her wrist. It is usually used for special occasions such as dates, weddings, parties, and other similar events.

The wearing of corsages dates back to the time of Ancient Greece. Small bouquets of fragrant flowers with herb additives were used by brides and company at weddings to drive away bad spirits. The word corsage was coined from a French term bouquet de corsage. It stands for a bouquet of the bodice, which traditionally meant to be worn by women in funerals and weddings.

Today, corsages are still much the same as those worn in early ages, but so much smaller in size. The tradition has not changed much, with the male giving his special date the corsage before arriving at the event. Corsages can also be given to young ladies attending other formal functions like school proms and graduations, or to mothers and grandmothers attending the special events of their children.


The Price and Who Buys


The price of the corsage depends on many factors such as the necessary add-ons and customization. The rule of the thumb bases the cost on a 10% of the dress cost. But according to the recent online quotes, corsages cost around $15 to $65 on average.

Based on traditions, the gentleman is expected to buy the corsage for his lady. In other cases, ladies can also purchase a small bouquet of flowers for their respective male partners. However, the decorative flower for men isn’t called corsage but boutonnieres.

Ways to Wear Corsages

Apart from formal social gatherings, corsages can also be worn as casual accessories. It’s just a matter of being creative and resourceful. You have to think of ways on how to complement these small sets of flowers to your informal or everyday style. To give you ideas, here are five ways to become more fashionable using corsages.

On Top of a Hair Bun

The corsage really makes a flower fashion statement when worn as a bun topper on top of your hair. That’s a very spotty area for the corsage to be located. It is very visible, especially when the color is a shining red. The only thing you have to watch out for is the kind of outfit you wear. You don’t want to mess your day with a wrong move of wearing of a pair of chinos or cardigan. It is a good idea to match it up with a petal-printed blouse or a floral dress for a natural outfit blending.

On the Wrist, Worn Like a Bracelet


The style should definitely go along with the weather. You will, of course, look gorgeous wearing one on a summer afternoon day. That is the suitable day you can match it up with an artless outfit such as a slip dress or a straight-legged jeans. The outfit choice should avoid long sleeves, as you want most of the hand to be bare and visible. Make sure to buy a corsage, which you can attach an elegant silk neck scarf at its ends. The scarf will be smartly knotted to your hand. Alternatively, choose a corsage with clips that will not leave marks on the hand.

On a Utility Jacket

Some things just look great. Quality khaki jackets for ladies are just some of them. One very good example of this is Jenna Lyons who wore a utility jacket pinned with daisy brooches at this year’s Met Gala. She clearly made a real flower fashion statement using corsages.

On a Buttoned Blouse, at the Collar

This is experimental; it may or may not work for you. If you want to do this, choose a single-flower corsage and pin it at the first button of your blouse. Make sure that colors match so that you’ll naturally look elegant. Then either put your hair down or tie it for the finishing touches.

Around the Neck


Yes, wear a corsage as a choker. Attach the flower onto a strap or a piece of cloth that you can easily wear it around your neck. You can mix and match it with a floral dress, a plain-colored sleeveless top, or a spaghetti top.

Corsages at Funerals

There is always controversy as to whether corsages should be worn at funerals. Experts differ in opinion on the issue. Some think that funerals are more on somber occasions than celebrations, which imply that wearing of flowers should only happen during the latter. Traditions also by region and culture, with some accepting flowers while others don’t.

However, some families tend to think otherwise. They take and plan funeral memorials with full intentions to celebrate life rather than treat it as a time to mourn. Therefore, they will come with all sorts of flowers or even wear corsages if a mother of the deceased loved one or a widow wishes to wear one.

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