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26 Filler Flowers and Types of Greenery

written by Marina Strong August 29, 2018

Nothing brings a bouquet to life like the gorgeous filler flowers and various types of greenery that surround it! From delicate baby’s breath to colorful snapdragons, rich ferns to romantic dusty millers, discover 26 types of fillers and greens that will round out your bouquets and floral arrangements.

1. Baby’s Breath

New Love Babies Breath










Baby’s Breath is one of the most popular white filler flowers. It comes in a variety of tinted colors, as well. The flower is delicate and soft, just like a baby, and symbolizes innocence. It’s also referred to as angel’s breath. Though traditionally used as a filler, this flower can also be used alone to create fluffy, cloud-like arrangements.


2. Bells of Ireland

Bells Of Ireland










Bells of Ireland, also known as molucella, has a long stem lined with clusters of bell-shaped blooms. This green is perfect for adding height and texture to bouquets and centerpieces. And because it is said to symbolize luck, you won’t have any worries on your wedding day!


3. Bouvardia

Assorted Bouvardia










Bouvardia is great filler flower featuring clusters of star-like flowers that have a delicate scent and comes in shades of pink and white. Each stem resembles a small bouquet! Add some Bouvardia to your bouquet to represent enthusiasm! I mean, you are marrying the person of your dreams!


4. Delphinium











Another great flower for adding height, delphinium has a long stalk covered in many small blooms. Delphinium is a great flower for adding something blue, as we carry several natural true blue hues, but we also offer white, light pink and purple. The delphinium stands for swiftness and lightness.


5. Dusty Miller

Dusty Miller










Representing happiness and delicacy, dusty miller is a popular green filler flower. It’s often used in soft, garden-like bouquets. It’s velvety, frosted sage green leaves will be the perfect complement to petal heavy, romantic blooms like garden roses, ranunculus, and peonies. Find it in both flat and lacy leaf varieties at FiftyFlowers.com.


6. Feverfew Daisies











Who doesn’t love the look of freshly-picked wildflowers? Feverfew daisies can help achieve that look with their beautiful daisy-like blooms and its wispy long stems. These filler flowers may have small blooms, but their bright-yellow centers and white petals really stand out in an arrangement. Feverfew looks beautiful on its own but also pairs nicely with other wildflowers. We love seeing little pops of yellow throughout a bouquet.


7. Fiddlehead Fern

Fiddlehead Ferns










Fiddlehead ferns have a branch-like stem with a curly tip that spirals at the end. Fiddlehead is available year-round and comes in a range of  hues, varying from a dark green to a deep purple, almost black coloring. With its one-of-a-kind shape and beautiful color, it can easily add dimension and texture to any arrangement. It especially pairs well with rich, fall colors but also looks stunning mixed in with a ton of greenery. Adding a few stems of fiddleheads can easily transform your arrangements into a woodland fairytale.


8. Heather











Heather is a filler flower that features tiny fisheye blooms that run the length of its branchy stems. Perfect for filling in the gaps and adding a unique texture, heather is available in white, pink, and green. It is believed that Heather has protective powers and can also symbolize admiration and good luck.


9. Holly











Holly is mainly used as a Christmas or winter flower, so we have it available in November and December at FiftyFlowers! The bunches of bright red berries against fresh greenery will add a fresh, natural look and feel to your wedding bouquets and arrangements. Holly traditionally symbolizes deference and domestic happiness. Pretty perfect for a winter wedding don’t ya think?!


10. Italian Ruscus

Italian Ruscus










With its rich green color and its narrow tear-shaped leaves, Italian Ruscus makes a gorgeous filler. As an added bonus, this greenery is available year-round and it’s long-lasting (up to eight days!). This variety looks beautiful on its own, especially when it’s laid out on the center of the table. It also pairs nicely with candles, too. The shiny leaves add a touch of glam while the candles create a romantic ambiance.


11. Ivy











Ivy is another popular choice for garden, vintage or romantic wedding bouquets. Their carefree draping shape can create movement and the popular loose, unstructured look that is more natural. Ivy also has the perfect meaning for weddings, as they represent wedded love, affection, fidelity, and friendship!


12. Leatherleaf  Fern

Leather Leaf










The leatherleaf fern (a.k.a. leather fern) is another romantic and lovely filler. With tufted, rich green leaves that fan out triangularly, this fern provides a dramatic backdrop to the flowers in your bouquet. The stem is strong yet flexible, and the entire fern grows up to 24 inches tall and 8 inches wide.


13. Leyland Cedar

Leyland Cedar










Leyland Cedar is commonly associated with the holiday season, but its longevity (eight days with proper care) and dark green color make it an excellent choice no matter the time of year. Leyland Cedar can be used tucked into a holiday-inspired wreath or mixed in with other greens in a garland. One of the great things about this greenery is that it is easy to work with! A table runner can easily be created using our Leyland Cedar, simply lay strands of greenery down the center of a table for an effortless and festive table runner. Attaching a sprig or two on napkins, table numbers or place cards is also a great way to use this greenery. It also pairs well with any type of berries, such as Hypericum Berries, Hanging Pepperberry and Red Ilex Berry Branches. Leyland Cedar looks especially elegant when paired with white flowers.


14. Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley










Lily of the Valley is a very delicate flower with tiny bell-shaped blooms and broad basal leaves. The perfect filler flower for delicate and dainty wedding bouquets (think Princess Kate’s wedding bouquet.) This white flower symbolizes purity, humility, happiness and sweetness.


15. Lisianthus

Assorted Lisianthus










Lisianthus is a wonderful filler flower that features anywhere between two to six budding flowers per stem. The blooms feature delicate layers of petals, soft and romantic, while the un-bloomed buds add perfect texture. Available in lots of great colors and in mini, single, double, and designer varieties. Lisianthus is said to represent being outgoing.


16. Moss

Sheet Moss










Moss is a fun green, great for whimsical, woodland, and even modern table arrangements. Check out some Moss Inspiration here! Symbolizing maternal love, this would be great for a bride who is a mom or mom-to-be, or to give appreciation the newylweds’ mothers.


17. Myrtle











Myrtle symbolizes love and is the Hebrew emblem of marriage. Every royal bride since Queen Victoria has had a sprig of myrtle in her bouquet. The myrtle comes from a tree which grew from a cutting of Queen Victoria’s own bridal bouquet. Since then, each royal bride has included a sprig from the original plant in her bouquet, and the bridesmaids then plant the sprigs in Queen Victoria’s garden after the wedding. Feel like royalty with your very own sprig of myrtle!


18. Queen Anne’s Lace

Queen Anne's Lace










Queen Anne’s lace is similar to baby’s breath with its tiny and delicate clusters of small white flowers, however, these clusters are located at the top of the stem rather than scattered along the stems like baby’s breath. Queen Anne’s lace symbolizes magic, trust, and healing.


19. Sedum











Sedum, also known as stonecrop flowers, have clusters of tiny pink blooms and are only available from August to October. Folklore has said the essence of the sedum flower is a cure for broken and wounded hearts. Another popular meaning of this flower is tranquility.


20. Snapdragon











The snapdragon is a popular filler flower, good for adding height and color to arrangements. Find it in a variety of colors such as pink, purple, yellow, orange, white, and burgundy. Snapdragon is known for its wispy jaw-like upper and lower petals. A single stem averages 10-15 of these unique blooms, which are grouped closely together giving the impression of a single lengthy flower. Said to represent desire, snapdragons would make a wonderful addition to any bouquet or centerpiece.


21. Statice











Statice is sometimes called the tissue flower, because of their tissue paper-like blooms. It’s also called sea lavender. Whatever you call it, statice is a stunning purple filler flowers (they also come in blue, white, pink, and yellow). Each main stem has a spray of smaller branches with several of these tiny funnel-shaped flowers. They have a long vase life and require very little maintenance, making them popular for both fresh and dried arrangements. The meaning of statice is lasting beauty and success, and because of its longevity, statice has grown to be the flower of fond memories. Statice is also symbolic of remembrance and sympathy.



22. Stephanotis











Stephanotis, also known as Madagascar Jasmine, is another flower with a great meaning for weddings…marital happiness! It is a sweetly scented flower that blooms to form a 5 pointed star. Due to their small stems, special wiring may be required for design work. You can also adorn your bouquet by inserting sparkling faux diamonds or jewels into the center of each flower.


23. Stock











Don’t let the name fool you: Stock is anything but ordinary. It is fluffy, tall and fragrant in all the right ways! In Spanish, this flower is know as “El Aleli” — much prettier name, don’t ya think?! It can have a spicy, clove-like fragrance and is indicative of a happy life and lasting bonds of affection; gifting a bouquet of these blooms says, “You will always be beautiful to me.”


24. Sweet Pea

Sweet Peas










This list of fillers and greens wouldn’t be complete without sweet, petite sweet peas. The sweet pea gets its name from is sweet scent and would look great in a soft spring bouquet. These blooms are said to symbolize delicate pleasures, and would make a great addition to any arrangement.


25. Sword Fern

Sword Fern










The sword fern is a long, flat leaf with sword-shaped fronds (hence the name!). Sword fern comes in a bright green color so it really pops in floral arrangements. This specific variety especially work best in line arrangements but also look great in round arrangements. Just like leather leaf, sword fern makes an excellent selection for a decorative filler. This variety comes in a grower’s bunch, which is typically 8-10 stems per bunch. It can last up to eight days with proper care. It’s also available year-round. Sword fern looks amazing in tropical arrangements but also works well in other themes such as, boho and woodland.


26. Variegated Pittosporum

Variegated Pittosporum










Variegated pittosporum features a tall, woody stem that bursts into dense green leaves with creamy, white edges. Its beautiful bicolor is what sets this greenery apart from the rest! Though they’re available year-round, long-lasting and can maintain its shape out of water.

This greenery is bound to stand out and make an impression even when paired with showy flowers like peonies. Variegated pittosporum is commonly paired with flowers like roses, kale, dahlias and hypericum berries, though they look great with just about any flower!

It also comes in a miniature size that’s perfect for boutonnieres or corsages. Mini variegated pittosporum is easy to work with and its size makes it ideal for smaller arrangements. It looks great in flower crowns, too! For an organic or bohemian look, pair mini variegated pittosporums with white spray roses.


The possibilities for flower arrangements are endless with so many gorgeous types of greenery and filler flowers to choose from!


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