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Flower of the Month: Larkspur

written by Sarah Johnson July 6, 2017

When you can go out for a drive at 5 in the morning to watch the sunrise and still need to wear a tank top to keep cool, you know it’s summer. Ladies and gentlemen, July brings in a special part of the year: hot, full of sun, and explosively colorful. The fields are finally lit with their full greenery, the trees sing as their leaves rustle in the gentle breeze, and the air seems crisp with life and vibrancy.

While every month in the year resonates with its own personality and character, July is an old favorite for weddings. The weather is perfect, landscapes have matured to their peak, picturesque perfection, and the world just seems…happier. Like all of the sun in the world sparks a little bit of extra bliss for your wedding day. And, with the coming of a new month, comes a new birth flower! Out go the roses of June, and in comes larkspur, an absolutely gorgeous example of summertime floral. Each single stem acts as a tall display for large, star-shaped blooms. One petal from each of these flowers is slightly longer than the rest, making it appear as though the flower has a spur, or a claw.

FiftyFlowers- Pink Larkspur{Source}

In fact, larkspur is named after meadowlarks, whose hind claws strongly resemble the spurs on the blooms. The blossoms cover the stem, creating a unique textural blend of soft petals perfect for a romantic summer bouquet. Additionally, its striking natural colors fit in ideally with the seasonal palettes. Originating from all over the Northern Hemisphere, as well as high-mountain tropics in Northern Africa, larkspur lasts phenomenally outdoors as well. Heat has little effect on it; humidity cannot deter it; even the sun cannot bleach out its beautiful colors.


And, being a flower that’s age-old and a common wildflower across both Western and Eastern Europe, age-old stories surround it as well. Many believed larkspur held mystical qualities, likely because its its strong fragrance. Thus, for centuries, it was used to ward off evil and magic. One of the most ancient of these revolved around spreading larkspur petals around homes to ward off scorpions, which were associated with death and devilry. Another in Transylvania had citizens hanging larkspur in barns to frighten witches away.

Even in old mythologies, larkspur seems to meddle in some way or another. Greek mythology states that, after failing to get the weaponry of Achilles and being condemned by Greece, the hero Ajax took his life with his blade. Blood spread across the earth, and from those blood spots larkspur began to bloom. It is said that, in the petals, you can find his initials–A I A–still growing in his honor. Meanwhile, according to Native American cultures, a celestial being created a spike from the heavens, which he threw to Earth so that he could climb down. Eventually, the sun dried up the leaves and the wind scattered them all around the earth, making larkspur seeds. Larkspur, nowadays, still grows with tiny pieces of the sky inlaid in the petals.

FiftyFlowers - Larkspur{Source}

However, as time passed, larkspur grew a less bittersweet nature; instead, it became one of the most sought-after representations of love and affection. In Victorian England, larkspur was given as a representation of extremely strong romantic feelings. Makes it rather fitting for a wedding in that case, doesn’t it? Larkspur may be one of the most romantically significant flowers known in the wedding industry, as well. Associated with love, affection, attachment, lightness, laughter, and a sweet disposition, it defines all of the tender feelings surrounding romance. The soft, colorful petals act like a mirror into the soft, beautiful love shared between you and your significant other. The overlapping petals demonstrate your overlapping lives and dedication to live as one together.

Even the individual colors of larkspur have slightly different meanings, making a fabulous game of show-and-tell in your arrangements. Purple larkspur emphasizes first love, and the sweet exploration of romance. Pink, though bright, is a bit more fickle; it shows that someone changes their opinions often, but also shows dedication to freedom, and spontaneity in your relationship. White, and easily the most common, is simply devoted to pure, unadulterated happiness eternally. And, of course, more than anything, it’s absolutely beautiful to arrange. Larkspur works best as a filler flower, adding pops of color and joy wherever you notice an empty spot in your centerpieces. Use it to create bliss and tenderness, while still being a little playful, at your summertime wedding.

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