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Flower Spotlight: Asters, The September Birth Flower

written by Marina Strong September 11, 2014

It’s September, which means it is the month of the Aster. Aster Flowers are fall blooming herbs that get their name from the greek word meaning star, since their blooms resemble one. With their yellow centers, they also resemble Daisies, yet they are actually a relative of the Sunflower. Asters are said to symbolize love, faith and wisdom and during the Victorian Era, their hidden meaning was said to say, “Take care of yourself for me”. In addition to being the September birth flower, they are also the 20th wedding anniversary flower.

Asters look great in Wildflower or Country Chic arrangements and they come in a variety of different colors, including white, pink, lavender, purple and red. Pair them with other “wildflower’ style blooms like daisies, wax flower or larkspur to create your country chic centerpieces in a mason jar, or combine with roses to add a delicate vintage feel to an otherwise classic bouquet.

Here’s a little Aster Inspiration for you…

Aster Flower Wedding Inspiration

Aster Flower Wedding Inspiration

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Aster flowers are available year around and should be delivered 3 days before your event. Asters are shipped in 10 stem bunches and at FiftyFlowers.com we offer 10 bunches for 109.99 or 20 bunches for 169.99. Because these flowers are a spray flower and each stem features several blooms, you get a lot of flower for you buck! We also have a selection of Matsumoto Asters, which are slightly larger than the standard Aster. See our Color and Package options here.

To care for your fresh Asters, just follow these steps:

  1. Open your box of flowers and inspect. If upon first inspection, you foresee a problem with your flowers, call us immediately at 1-877-507-6737. However, it is absolutely NORMAL for your flowers to appear sleepy and thirsty after their journey.
  2. Ensure that your flower buckets are clean and disinfected.
  3. Fill the buckets with at least 4 inches of fresh, cool water. If you have flower food follow the instructions on the packet to prepare your water.
  4. Remove flowers from box by cutting any straps.
  5. Remove any plastic or paper packaging from each bunch of flowers.
  6. Cut stems diagonally under running water with sharp scissors about 1-2 inches from the bottom of the stem.
  7. Immediately after cutting, place the stems in the prepared buckets.
  8. Allow flowers at least 4 hours to hydrate well. Flowers may take up to 12 hours to properly hydrate.
  9. Keep flowers away from direct sunlight, drafts or excessive heat.
  10. Change water every 24 hours to keep flowers fresh. Assure that your flowers have sufficient water. The flowers will drink an exceptionally large amount of water upon arrival.

Enjoy your flowers!


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